Letter to Miss Dillon 17 July 1919

Letter to Miss Dillon 17 July 1919

On embossed Government Notepaper
Intelligence Corps
Army of the Black Sea
17th July 1919

My dearest Lillie,
I wish I were in London for the Peace Celebrations! What fun you will have! “What would I not give to be with you in the old town to-night!”
Write and tell me all about it. It will be on Anna’s birthday, won’t it? What a memorable birthday it will be for her. I have not found it possible to send the wedding presents yet. If they do not arrive in time she must not mind. I will be able to present them in person in November if not before.
I have been playing tennis the last two evenings, and I find I can play quite well. When my service comes off, people find it very difficult to return. This Camp is only a few minutes walk from the tennis courts. The subscription is 5/- a fortnight.
The youth I travelled out with from London has turned up at a camp quite close, after a period in Russia. He is going to get me a horse and we can go for rides together.
You may have noticed him. He sat beside me in the train at Charing Cross.
I had a letter from Chapman yesterday, dated 5th June, from Cape Town. He was missing London very much.
Saturday is being observed as an official holiday here to celebrate peace.
I am taking advantage of it to go to the aerodrome at San Stefano to try and get a pal I met on the journey out to take me to Bucharest.
It is rather problematical if it can be done, as there is very little flying at present. The train journey takes nearly two days, whereas it is only a couple of hours by air.
I want to see the General at the mission at Bucharest, as I feel sure I could settle it then.
Have you seen the Wilocksons recently? I wonder if you have left Grove Park now? I hope you are satisfied with your new place and that it is near London.
I met a Transilvanian the other day and it was the first chance I had of airing my Roumanian. I get Roumanian papers here. They get through quicker than any other papers in a civilised language, but there is not much news in them. We get some wonderful nights here. To-night there is a wonderful halo round Venus.
Will write again soon.
Best love to you & Anna
from Willie

someone has just started playing “Keep the Home Fires burning” and they are singing it again & again. It brings back memories of the worst part of the war and it gives me the creeps.

With cover Please Forward O.A.S. to Miss de C. Dillon, M.T. RASC., No 1 Reserve Depot, Grove Park, Lee. London S.E. 12.

Postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE Y dated 18 JY 19 and stamped PASSED BY CENSOR 490. Signed W. Dillon Lieut.

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