12th Divisional Artillery Order No. 54. 17 July 1917

Covering note to 23rd Bde R.F.A. Please comply with attached Order

C.C.S. **** B.M. 4DA 17/7.17.

SECRET. Copy No. 9.

12th Divisional Artillery Order No. 54.

Map, 1/10,000 17th July 1917.

1. The 37th Infantry Brigade is attacking the German block in S.E. corner of LONG Trench this evening. The 35th Infantry Bde. is pushing posts out N. of GREEN LANE; which with the posts already established by the 37th Brigade, will act as a covering party, whilst the new trench 100 yards West of LONG Trench is consolidated and wired.

2. Zero hour will be 9.45 p.m., when the infantry will move East and South from posts already held along LONG Trench.

3. At 9.55 p.m. a protective barrage will be formed, principally to keep down M.G. fire and prevent hostile reinforcements moving up.

4. Tasks will be as follows –
62nd Brigade. 18 prs. One B’ty. STRAP Tr. from O.8.d.55.85. to
Two B’tys Line from O.8.b.85.15. to O.9.a.20.35., to
4.5” Hows B’ty O.9.a.4.0. to 45.60.
63rd Brigade. 18 prs. Three B’tys O.9.a.30.60. – O.3.c.30.00. – O.3.c.30.25. –
to MOUND (O.2.d.95.55.)
4.5” How. B’ty O.9.a.45.60. to O.3.c.45.00.
48th Brigade. 18 prs. Three B’tys MOUND (O.2.d.95.55.) – O.2.d.80.90. –
O.2.b.50.15. – O.2.b.20.50.
4.5” How B’ty. O.3.c.45.00. to O.3.c.35.30.
2 inch T.Ms. East face of MOUND.

5. The 4th and 50th D.A. will be engaging the same targets as this morning.
The Heavy Artillery XVIII Corps, will be co-operating as follows –
2 – 6” and 1 – 8” How. B’tys. On BOIS du VERT.
1 – 6” How. B’ty STIRRUP Trench.
1 – 6” How. B’ty. DOG Trench from O.3.c.3.9. to PUPPY Tr.
60 pounders. Search 0.3.c. East of DOG and PUPPY Trenches,
and O.9.c.
6. Rates of fire – 18 prs. 4.5” Hows.
9.55 to 10.15 pm 3 rds P.G.P.M. 2 rds P.G.P.M.
10.15 to 10.30 pm. 2 rds 2 1 rd “
10.30 onwards. Bursts of fire under Group control according to situation.

7. Watches will be synchronised at 8.30 p.m. from 12th D.A. H.Q.

C.A. Clowes Major,
Brigade Major, 12th D.A.
Copies to –
62nd, 63rd and 48th Brigades; D.T.M.O., 12th Divn. (G); 4th D.A., 50th D.A., R.A. & H.A., XVII Corps.

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