12 Div Instructions 14 July 1917

Stamp H.Q. 4th Div. Artillery.
R.A. 213/3

12th Divisional Preliminary Instructions for
Artillery co-operation in re-taking LONG.TRENCH.

Ref.- MONCHY Trench Map

1. The Infantry’s objective is LONG TRENCH, linking up the North end of it at 0.2.d.70.30. to HOOK TRENCH at its junction with INFANTRY LANE.

2. The 37th Infantry Brigade will attack on the Right.
The 35th Infantry Brigade will attack on the Left.

3. The attack will be preceded by a 3 minutes hurricane bombardment by Stokes’ Mortars, 4.5 inch howitzers and 18 prs on the objective.
At Zero plus 3 minutes this barrage will lift and form a box barrage as per Task Table attached.

4. The 4th and 50th Divisional Artilleries, VII and XVII Corps Heavy Artillery will be co-operating, firing on the tasks shewn in Task Table attached.

5. The operation will take place early on the morning of 15th July.

6. Rates of fire –
Zero to Zero plus 10 mins. 18 prs 4 rounds P.G.P.M.
4.5” Hows 3 .. ..
Zero plus 10 mins to Zero 18 prs 3 .. ..
plus 20 mins. 4.5” Hows 2 .. ..
Zero plus 20 mins to Zero 18prs 2 .. ..
plus 30 mins 4.5” Hows 1 .. ..
Zero plus 30 minutes onwards under Group control.

C.A. Cloves, Major,
Brigade Major, 12th D.A.
14th July, 1917.
Copies to –
62nd Bde. R.F.A.
63rd Bde. R.F.A.
48th Bde. A.F.A. Bde.
12th Divn (G).
R.A., XVII Corps.
H.A., XVII Corps.
4th D.A. H.A., VII Corps.
50th D.A. War Diary & File.

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