L/C Lister P.C. Proceeding to England 7 July 1916

To 28407
L/C Lister P.C. Proceeding to England
Officers……. Certified that details as per margin have been rationed up to mid-night tomorrow Tuesday the 4th July 1916.
A.S. Seaward Lieut: & Qr. Mr.
I certify that I have for each man,
Three days’ Rations.
No of days Kind
3 Preserved I hereby acknowledge that I am personally
Rations responsible that all unexpended Rations, including the Iron Ration, belonging to each and every draft
Total 9 under my charge are taken off the train boat at the point where each draft leaves the train boat, for the purpose of
…… Iron being taken to the ultimate destination of the draft in the
Rations. manner determined by the detraining Disembarkation Officer.
Total –
P. Lister L/Cpl R.E.
Date July 7 – 1916

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