21st Divisional Artillery Instruction24 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction24 June 1916
21 Div

XV Corps 1
62 Inf. Bde. 5
63 : : 5
64 : : 5
Div. Art. 2
Div. Eng. 4
Pioneers 1
Signals 1
178 Tun Co. R.E. 1
“Q” 3
A.D.M.S. 1
A.P.M. 1
C. Comdt 1
D.A.D.O.S. 1
7th Div. 1
17th Div. 1
34th Div. 1
50th Bde 1 “F” Coy R.E.


1. If the wind permits, discharges of smoke will take place during the last 10 minutes of the undermentioned periods of concentrated bombardments on June 26th, 27th & 28th.
That is to say –
on June 26th at 10.10 a.m.
on June 27th at 5.40 a.m.
on June 28th at 7.10 a.m.

2. In each discharge, 12 “P” bombs per emplacement every 25 yards will be discharged as under:-
First minute, – throw 3 “P” bombs.
Next two minutes, – : 2 “P” bombs per minute.
Next five minutes, – : 1 “P” bomb per minute.
8 minutes – 12 “P” Bombs.

3. Five minutes before Zero on June 29th a smoke discharge will be made on the front between the CEMETERY and the TAMBOUR at F.3.a.4.0.
The attack will last for one hour and 1,876 “P” bombs will be issued.

4. The following arrangements will be made for the above attacks:-
8,788 “P” bombs will be issued to the 21st Division. Of this number 6,912 will be stored in QUEEN’S REDOUBT and 1,876 in the vicinity of the Bn H.Q. of the present Right Sector.

5. The emplacements from which discharges will be made have been selected and will be marked with a metal label –
On the Division front there will be 96 posts distributed at intervals of 25 yards.

6. Two men are required for detonating and throwing at each post.
R.E. personnel will be distributed along the line, one man to each post.

7. These posts will be manned on the 26th and 27th June by men of the 62nd Bde. who have been trained in the use of the “P” bombs.
These men will be posted at their respective points by 62nd Bde.

8. On the 28th and 29th June, these posts will be manned by men of the 50th, 63rd and 64th Bdes. These men will be posted at their respective points by the Brigades concerned.

9. For discharges on the 26th, 27th and 28th June, the R.E. personnel will carry up the boxes of bombs from QUEEN’S REDOUBT to the posts where they find the infantry men who have been detailed to assist. The latter will be at their posts two hours before the time arranged for the discharge.

10. In the discharge on the 29th June, the 1,876 “P” bombs dumped at Bn. H.Q. of present Right Sector, will be sent up to their emplacements under arrangements to be made by the 50th Bde. and will be met there by the R.E. personnel and the infantry men detailed for throwing duty. 3 hours before Zero, 67 bombs will be sent up to each post.

11. Bombs are packed 24 in a box.

12. Captain Thomas, Comdg F. Co. R.E. will be good enough to place himself in communication with the Brigadiers of the 62nd, 64th and 50th Bdes. to ascertain that these instructions are clearly understood so far as he is concerned.

13. During the periods of the smoke discharges, the trenches from which the discharge takes place will be held as thinly as possible.

14. During the smoke attacks, Stokes Mortars will be employed and indirect machine gun fire will be opened on the enemy’s communications.

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