21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 24 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 24 June 1916

15/CA 10/42/2.


With reference to 15/CA 10/42 dated 17th June 1916 and 15/CA 10/42/1 dated 22nd June 1916.-

1. Instructions have been issued by the FOURTH ARMY that gas shells No 4 and No 5 may be fired from the French 75. mm guns on all days of the bombardment.
They will now be used both by day and night to fire on the places enumerated in 15/CA/42/1 dated 22nd June 1916, whenever the weather conditions are suitable.
They will be especially useful for counter-battery work and for blocking communication trenches and sunken roads by night.

2. There is no alteration in the instructions for the use of 4.5” Howitzer lachrymatory shells as given in 15/CA 10/42/1.

E.W. Alexander
Brigadier General., R.A., XVth Corps

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