7th Divisional Artillery Instruction 22 June 1916

7th Divisional Artillery Instruction 22 June 1916


“Scheme for Preliminary Bombardment,
Operation Order No. 11 dated 18th June 1916.”
In Operation Order No. 11 dated 18th June, the following is substituted for 1st paragraph of Table “K”:-

Concentrated bombardments will take place at the following times. For description see below.

“W” day 9.0 a.m. – 10.20 a.m. No 2 bombardment.
“X” day 4.30 a.m. – 5.50 a.m. No 3 bombardment.
“Y” day 6.0 a.m. – 7.20 a.m. No 1 bombardment.

(Description of bombardments – as already laid down in Table “K”)

Gas will be discharged on the first night that the wind is favourable.

240 m.m Trench Mortars may be used as required from “W” day onwards.

2” Trench Mortars for wire-cutting on “U” and “V” days and as required afterwards.

60-prs for wire-cutting and registration on “V” day and as required afterwards.

3” Stokes Mortars as required on “W” day and onwards.

On “V” day all heavy guns and howitzers will register all day.

Table “A” of “Scheme for Preliminary Bombardment” will be used on “X” day instead of “V” and “X” days.

On “V” day 4.5” howitzers will register where required. They will also destroy selected strong points, O.P’s etc in their zones.

As there are only three days preliminary bombardment and three concentrated bombardments, the amount of ammunition allotted to tasks of 4.5” howitzers can be increased on “W”, “X” and “Y” days, but care must still be exercised not to exceed the limit of work that can reasonably be expected from detachments.

S.A. Boddam-Whetham
Captain R.A.
Brigade Major R.A. 7th Division
Headquarters R.A.
7th Division.
22nd June 1916.

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