21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 22 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 22 June 1916

21 Div

1. Infantry Brigades will assemble in the trenches prior to zero in accordance with attached table.

2. All movements of large formed bodies of troops will be done by night.

3. (a) Battalions of the 50th will march to VILLE under Brigade arrangements, leaving HEILLY at 9.45 p.m. on evening of W and X days.
(b). 63rd Brigade will move to VILLE under Brigade arrangements, but will not leave LA NEUVILLE till 9.30 p.m. on W and X days, and will be in VILLE before daylight on X and Y days.

4. The relief of the 62nd Inf Bde in the trenches by 50th, 63rd and 64th Bdes will be carried out under arrangements to be made between Brigadiers concerned.

5. The Northern and Western boundaries of the assembly area of the 50th Bde will be as follows:-
Eastern end of PURFLEET, F.3.a.05.80. – BUNKER (exclusive) – KING’S AVENUE and KING’S CROSS (exclusive) – SURREY ROAD (inclusive) – ROYAL AVENUE (inclusive).

6. The two battalions of 50th Bde on X/Y night, and the one battalion on Y/Z night, will follow 63rd Bde in march from VILLE to trenches, branching off at such places on the route as convenient to 50th Bde.
The above battalions of 50th Bde will receive their orders for the march to trenches direct from 63rd Bde.

7. Routes to the trenches have been selected and reconnoitered by Brigades concerned.

8. Brigades will make their own arrangements for marching to the trenches, 63rd Bde being particularly careful not to clash with 64th Bde in the vicinity E.12.c.S.W.
64th Bde will have the use of PIONEER AVENUE.

9. It is important that the movement of large bodies of Infantry towards the trenches on X and Y nights should not be observed. Brigades, therefore will not commence their march so early that heads of columns will be East of line running North and South through DERNACOURT Church before 9.30 p.m. Brigadiers will use their own discretion if they desire to send parties of Machine, Lewis and Stokes Gunners to the Trenches during the day.

10. In order to relieve the congestion of traffic along the Communication Trenches during the relief on X night, 62nd Bde may thin out the troops holding the trenches previous to the relief, if he sees fit.

11. 62nd Bde will issue any orders he sees fit as to the use of “Up” and “Down” communication trenches during the relief on X/Y night.

12. On arrival in the BECOURT VALLEY, 63rd Bde will ensure that its tail does not interfere with the head of the 50th Bde having a free entrance to ROYAL AVENUE.

13. 62nd Inf. Bde. will make very careful arrangements as regards provision of reliable guides etc to assist the 50th Bde in the relief. An Officer or good N.C.O. will be left in the front line trenches to accompany the first patrols sent out by the 50th Bde during the night X/Y (Appendix “Q”).

14. Brigades are reminded that there are several batteries in position along the Eastern edge of BECOURT WOOD, and also just South of the Cook-houses in ABERDEEN AVENUE. They should, therefore, avoid marching near the muzzles of the guns.
The Artillery are arranging to slacken their fire from these positions between the hours of 11 p.m. and 1 a.m on X/Y and Y/Z nights.
New arrangement must be made.
15. During the period while our guns are not shooting (para 14), Machine Guns and Lewis Guns will be particularly active along our front so as to prevent the enemy mending his wire.

Please acknowledge.

H.E. Franklyn Capt.
for Lieut-Colonel
General Staff,
21st Division

XV Corps 1
62 Inf. Bde. 5
63 : : 5
64 : : 5
Div. Art. 2
Div. Eng. 4
Pioneers 1
Signals 1
178 Tun Co. R.E. 1
“Q” 3
A.D.M.S. 1
A.P.M. 1
7th Div. 1
17th Div. 1
34th Div. 1
50th Bde 1
“F” Coy R.E. 1

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