XV Corps Artillery Instruction 22 June 1916

XV Corps Artillery Instruction 22 June 1916

15/C.A. 10/32

7th Division
17th Division
21st Division
XV Corps.
XV Corps H.A.

Reference Appendix II, my No 15/C.A. 10/32 dated 14-6-16, – “Special Operation, clearing Fricourt Area”.

The time “0.15 to 0.30” should now be amended to read “0.15 to 1.45”.

E.W. Alexander
Brigadier Genl: R.A., XVth Corps

Amendment to Table ‘L’.

Reference Table L Attack on FRICOURT. The last phase will last from 0.15 to 1 hr 45 min from 0.15 to 1.35 instead of from 0.15 to 0.30. 18 pounders and four point howitzer batteries will keep up a slow rate of fire on the tasks allotted, say an average 1 round a battery a minute for the period 1.35 to 1.45 the portion of wood detailed will be thoroughly searched and the rate of fire considerably increased. Section fire 15 seconds. The ammunition allotted is therefore
55 High Explosive.
30 Shrapnel.

Battery commanders however must increase the rate of fire during the period 0.15 to 1.35 if there are signs of the enemy firing from the wood.

78 5 copies
79 1 copy
94 5 copies
95 1 copy
96 2 copies
97 2 copies
T.M’s 4 copies
21 Div 1 copy.

The attack on Fricourt may be delayed considerably. The Trench Mortars must fire on that portion of the from zero time onwards must take care that sufficient ammunition is available for the preparation of the Fricourt attack. At least a dozen 2” bombs should remain in hand after that operation is completed. The heavy mortars can fire their last round.

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