Fourth Army Instruction 18 June 1916

Fourth Army Instruction 18 June 1916

Fourth Army
XV Corps.

Attention is called to the importance of not for the present displaying increased activity in artillery fire on the Fourth Army front. There has been a marked increase of fire during the last two days in 4.5”, 8” and 9.2” Howitzer fire.

It is requested that for the present High Explosive shell should be used when feasible in preference to Shrapnel with 18 pdr. guns.

Published to brigades.
(Sd) C.E.D. Budworth, Major General,
for M.G., G.S., Fourth Army.

7th Division.
21st Division.
17th Division (for information).

For information and necessary action.

J.R. Wethered Maj
for Brigadier-General,
General Staff.
H.Q. XV Corps,

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