21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 17 June 1916

21st Divisional Artillery Instruction 17 June 1916

Copy of XV Corps 15/C.R. 10/41 dated 16th June 1916.


1. Green arm bands, to be worn on the right arm below the elbow, will be issued to the Divisional and Heavy Artilleries by “Q” XV Corps.
2. During operations they are to be worn by,
(a) All Battery Commanders.
(b) All Artillery Officers who are acting as F.O.O’s or who go forward to reconnoitre.
(c) All R.A. liaison officers with the Infantry.
3. The object of the above is to enable Artillery Officers to be easily recognised in case the advanced Infantry wish for assistance or information from the Artillery.
The meaning of the band should be made known to all ranks of the Infantry.
4. The issue will be made on the scale of.,
Brigade or Group Commanders – 2 Bands.
Battery – 2 Bands.


21 Div

For information.

A.T. Paley
Lieut. Colonel.
General Staff.
21st Division.


62 Inf. Bde. … 5
63 “ “ … 5
64 “ “ … 5
Div. Eng. … 4
Pioneers … 1
Bde. M.G. Coys. … 1
T.M. Batts. … 2
Div. Art. … 1

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