21 Divisional Artillery Instruction 17 June 1916

21 Divisional Artillery Instruction 17 June 1916
21 Div.

62nd Inf. Bde.
63rd : :
64th : :
Div. Art.
Div. Eng.
14 N.F. (Pioneers)
C. Comdt.
7th Div.
34th Div.
17th Div.
50th Bde.
Attached is forwarded for information.
5,000 Flares are being issued to the Division.

They will be allotted as under:-
62nd Inf. Bde. – 1,000
63rd : : – 2,000
64th : : – 2,000

A. T. Paley
General Staff,
21st Division



1. On day Z flares will be lit by infantry as follows:-
(a). On reaching the first objective.
(b). On reaching the second objective.
(c). During the third phase on reaching the East edge of FRICOURT VILLAGE and ROSE TRENCH (F.4.c.35.60 – F.4.d.06.02)
(d) All along the line of the most forward infantry at the following hours:-
9 a.m.
1 p.m.
5 p.m.
9 p.m.

2. (a) 3 aeroplanes will be detailed for contact work – Type Morane parasol – Special markings – a broad black band under left hand plane. One contact aeroplane at a time will be in the air.
(b) Information obtained and messages received will be transmitted at once by the aeroplanes by wireless to Corps Headquarters.
(c) Contact aeroplanes will drop messages at Corps H.Q. shewing the situation as known to them:-
(i) At half time during their tour of duty.
(ii) On the return journey after completing their tour of duty.

3. The Battalion and Brigade Call letters for signalling to aeroplanes and No 3 Kite Balloon Section, are those issued with XV Corps N0. 88 G. dated 15th June 1916.
Signals to aeroplanes will be sent by Infantry Brigade and Battalion H.Q.
Signals to No 3 Section Kite Balloon will be sent normally by Infantry Brigade H.Q. only, but in case of emergency Battalion H.Q. and O.P. “C” in PERONNE AVENUE can also call up the Kite Balloon. In signalling to the Kite Balloon, helio will be used by day, and lamp by night.
The Corps Balloon (No 3 Kite Balloon Section) will, at all times, fly its distinguishing pennant, which is black with white vertical strips 3’ broad alternately, commencing with black.
When the balloon is called up by any unit, the observer, on seeing the call, will haul the pennant up to the basket and as soon as he is ready to read will lower it again.
The message will be sent “DD – DD” and repeated until it is acknowledged by the pennant being hauled up and down three times in succession. By night, the Balloon will answer “R D” (received) or “I.M.I.” (repeat)
In signalling to the Kite Balloon, the same code will be used as is used for signalling to the contact aeroplane, vide XV Corps 133. G dated 31/5/16.

4. The following are the distinctive marks of Balloons attached to XV Corps and the neighbouring Corps:-

Pennant hung 30’
below basket,

XIII Corps. Plain red. Succession of dots, every 10 minutes.
XV Corps. Black & White Succession of dashes every 10 minutes.
vertical stripes
3’ broad.
III Corps. Plain White. Succession of dots and dashes every 10 minutes.

5. When back communication from Brigades and Battalions by wire is cut, and a contact aeroplane is noticed flying very low, Brigade and Battalion H.Q. must be on the look-out to pick up any message intended for them which may be dropped by the aeroplane.

6. In addition to No 3 Kite Balloon Section, No 4 Army Kite Balloon will be attached to XV Corps and will be located near MORLANCOURT. This balloon will not be available for either Artillery work or Liaison with Infantry, but will be used for observation purposes only.
It will work on the fronts of the XIII and XV Corps from the BRIQUETERIE at MONTAUBAN to CONTALMAISON (exclusive).
Reports from this balloon will be forwarded to Corps H.Q.

General answering Pennant of:-
No 3 K.B. Section R.F.C. – XV Corps Balloon.
Flown when willing to accept messages

See illustration

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