March Table, 9th Brigade (to accompany Operation Order No 1) 13 June 1915

March Table, 9th Brigade (to accompany Operation Order No 1)

Units Starting point Hour of passing Starting point Route to Divnl Starting point Halting Place Divnl Starting point and hour of passing Route to places of Assembly Destination
Right Column
(in order of march)
Commander Major Hely-Hutchinson. 4th R.F.
4th Royal Fuslrs
1st Lincolns Road junction H.13 central 5 pm Road through H.13 H.14 H.15 H.16 H.17 H.23 to KRUISSTRAAT, across No 13 bridge, thence along railway to LILLE GATE Along road near chateau in H.23.b. LILLE GATE 8.30 p.m. ROULERS RAILWAY to I.10.d.0.2. thence by MENIN ROAD (Route B, marked GREEN on sketch to be issued R.F. to assembly trenches I.11.d.7.5. Lines to Cambridge Road Trench (South end)
Left Column
In order of March.
Commander Lieut Col. C. Yatman 5th Fuslrs
1st Royal Scots Fuslrs.
5th Fuslrs
Liverpool Scottish Cross-roads H.7.c.3.5. 5 pm Road joining POPERINGHE – YPRES road in H.8.A, thence by main road through YPRES to MENIN GATE Along YPRES road about H.11.central MENIN GATE 8.30 p.m. Road junction I.9.D.7.4. – Road I.10.Central – I.11.A – I.11.B.3.5. (Route A marked RED on sketch to be issued) R.S.F. to assembly trenches on left of R.F. and up to I.11.D.7.8. 5th Fuslrs Railway Wood, and trenches as far South as I.11.D.7.8. Liverpool Scottish Cambridge Road North End.

1. Times given above must be strictly adhered to, and Columns kept closed up, as 7th Bde has to follow, and time for reaching places of assembly under cover of darkness is limited.
2. Machine Guns of right column must accompany left column as far as road junction I.9.D.8.4. whence they will proceed to ARRET and join their own Units on Route B. it is essential that returning m.g. limbers should not block the advance of troops of 7th Bde on Route A.
3. Units must be careful at halting places to conceal themselves from Aeroplane Observation as far as possible.
4. Guides to trenches from 8th Bde at a rate of 1 Officer and 4 men to each battalion will meet Units at Divisional Starting points.

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