INSTRUCTIONS TO Os. C. UNITS, 9th BDE. 13 June 1915

SECRET. Copy No 9
1. Maps. Special Maps (1/10,000) with German trenches marked and numbered will be issued on a scale of one per officer.

2. Grenades. 5th Fusiliers, R.F., and R.S.F., will each draw from Bde Workshop on morning of 14th 400 and LINCOLNS and Liverpool Scottish each 160 MILS Pattern Grenades. Receptacles for carrying these will be issued at the same time.
Other grenades will be issued if they become available and there will be a reserve on east side of WITTE POORT FM of 700 No: 6 and 7 pattern Grenades and 300 MILLS Pattern.

3. Screens. Screens (Red and Yellow on one side) will be drawn on 14th at rate of 6 per company. These screens are to mark positions gained, the red and yellow side being turned away from the enemy. It is most important that full use be made of them for information of artillery and observers in rear.

4. Wire cutters. 5th Fusiliers, R.F., R.S.F., will draw on 13th, 50 wire cutters each and Lincolns and Liverpool Scottish 25 each.
Lanyards will be issued with these.

5. Equipment. Packs and greatcoats will be stored at present bivouacs under regimental arrangements. Waterproof sheets should be carried on backs.
Every man will carry:-
2 bandoliers.
1 day’s ration in addition to Iron Ration.
2 sandbags fastened through the belt at back.
chin straps will be worn down.

6. Tools. In each battalion one platoon will carry shovels securely slung on back. These tools will be drawn from Bde workshop on afternoon of 13th.

7. Flags. Units will draw on afternoon of 13th, 10 small flags each for use by grenadier parties to mark position gained in enemy communication trench.

8. S.A.A & R.E. Two S.A.A. Depots of 50 boxes each will be established
Stores reserve. one on each east side of WITTE POORT FM the other at the road barricade I.11.b.4.4. Depots of R.E. stores will be established, one where Cambridge Road joins MENIN Road the other at I.11.b.4.4.
Above will be made known to all concerned.
9. Communication. Special instructions are being issued to battalions by brigade signalling officer. Bde Headquarters will be at the dug-outs at I.10.d.5.5. and it is important that battalion orderlies know its exact position and routes to it.
A.P. Wavell
Brigade Major 9th Inf Bde
13th June, 1915.

Signature in pencil is not facsimile.

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