List of Officers & Men Mentioned in Despatches 11 April 1919

List of Officers & Men Mentioned in Despatches 11 April 1919


List of Officers, N.C.O.s and Men of the Construction Department, Inland Water Transport, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force mentioned in Sir William Marshall’s despatch dated 11th November 1918 and published in the Supplement to the London Gazette dated 18th February 1919.


Captain (Temp. Lieut. Col.) R.D.T. Alexander D.S.O. 1/14 Bn. London Regt.(London Scottish).

Temp. Lieut. F. Dunnett, Special List

Lieut. (Temp. Major) E.L. Harvey, I.A.R.O.

Temp. Captain G. Neilson, R.E.

Temp. Lieut. H.R. Pape, Special List.

Temp. Captain E. Wilson R.E.

Sergeant (Acting C.S.M.) V.G. Bearn R.E. No 309077.

L/Corpl. H. Darke R.E. No 309090.

Sapper (Acting Sergeant) J.H. Lang R.E. No 553959.

Sapper (Acting Sergeant) W.C. Prouse R.E. N552840.

Sapper J. Scotland R.E. No 554149.

Sapper (Acting C.S.M.) R.C. Watts R.E. No 553229.

  1. Geary No 25184, Carpenter Foreman.

Hon. Temp. Subadar Gyan Chardra Roy.

L.A. Castellas No 25627, Clerk.

F.W. Knight No 23427 Stenographer.

Allah Ditta No 19808 Chargeman Fitter.

Roor Singh No. 9920, Carpenter R.I.M.

Hon. Temp. Jamadar Mohamed Din No. 42427 Workshops Chargeman.

Nand Singh No. 35475, Carpenter.

Santa Singh No. 25189, Wireman Foreman.

Sona Kara, No. 61620 Tindal.

Drjan Singh No. 46896, Carpenter Mistry.

Yakub Ali No. 47758, Timekeeper.

Jeneant Singh No. 19683; Carpenter.


No. 2314/E/2(G)       D/11th April 1919

Forwarded to:- a/R.S.M. R.C. Watts R.E. No. 553229

With Major Harvey’s and my Congratulations.

R.D.T. Alexander

Lieut. Colonel

Superintending Engineer,

A.D.I.W.T. Construction.


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