George Ryan’s letter home dated 8 Apr 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 8 Apr 1915




8 April 1915


Dear M & F,


Your letter of March 12th received.  I sent my insurance card to the Society about the 2nd or 3rd week we were here so they must have got it soon after sending that notice.


I have not come across any place where I could get a parrot; but you need not reckon on me bringing one of those things home. I don’t suppose we could if we wanted too.  We shall have quite enough to manage as it is.  As our Colour Sergt says this is not a tea-party, we are out here as soldiers.


We are at Ishapore again this week on guard. There’s no upper floor to the guard-room so we find it very hot.  It is a job to get any sleep at night time.  We generally have a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon, that is if we are not on duty.  It’s too hot to do anything else.  It’s very nice this morning as I write this, on the bank of the river Hooghly; the one place where it’s a bit cool here.  There’s a nice breeze blowing.


I went to Calcutta again last Sat.  It’s a treat to see a little of town life now & again.  We had a ride round in a 1st class garrey as far as St Paul’s Cathedral.  We had a look in there; it’s a fine building but very small for a Cathedral.  We came across an English watch maker so I’ve left my watch with him to be mended.  It’s going to cost me 5 or 6 “chips” (7/- or 8/-).


I think we shall go to Darjeeling next week I hope so at any rate.


I had some more papers from Holt this week.


Hoping you are all well.

Your affec son


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