Timetable November 1918

Timetable November 1918

Hundred Days Offensive

1st to 2nd Nov                    Battle of Valenciennes

4th Nov                                Battle of Sambre

4th Nov                                Second Battle of Guise


1st Nov                              Battle of Chesne

1st to 6th Nov                     Final pursuit and capture of Sedan

6th to 11th Nov                  Advance to the Meuse


Other Theatres

3rd Nov                                Austro-Hungary signed armistice with Italy


4th Nov                                Poet Wilfred Owen killed in action


9th Nov                                Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicate

10th to 11th Nov                   BEF advance into Mons

11th Nov                              Germany signs the Armistice of Compiègne

11th Nov                              End of fighting and the guns go silent at 11.00 am


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