Letter to Frank Springett 25 October 1918

Tabors Cottages




Oct 25th 1918


My Dear Son Frank,

It was with great thankfulness we received your letter.  We were delighted & we will dispatch you a parcel as soon as we are permitted to do so.  We are so pleased to know you are in a good camp & that your health is A1.

I am pleased to tell you we are all very well in health & Sid & Ted & myself have plenty in hand, I have started a new job not far from the old job & I am seeing a great deal of the War in all its realities.  We trust it will soon be over.

I have written to Winchester & to the Red Cross London & believe me Frank we are doing everything for you that we can.

I have tried hard for months & the various replies will be interesting reading to you when it is all over & you are home again.

I suppose you have my photo & Ted’s.  Well your Mother & the Girls will send you some on.

Your Sisters are getting big Girls now & Winnie & Little Jim are a couple I tell you.  It would do you good to hear them sing.  The capers they cart me is something to reckon with.

Miss Walters got your card first & you may look for a good parcel from us independent of the Red Cross.  I shall send money to them to send you a few things you want & I trust you will receive them safely.

I have received a letter from Charlie Smith’s mother & she had a letter from him in Bavaria.  He was wounded in the neck & he wrote home & sent our address; I have written to him & will send him something if I can.

The weather is getting cold & wet, which of course is common about this time of year.  I might tell you I had 7 letters come back from France, parcels as well.  Well my Boy I must now close.  I will write after & send you what I can.  I have an idea what would be useful to you & you shall have it.  Or it will be no fault of mine if you do not receive it.  We shall be looking forward for the day when you come home.  Dad will kill the fatted calf.  So with love & best wishes for you I will conclude this letter trusting the day will not be far distant when we shall be united again.

There are signs that peace & goodwill on earth will soon be an accomplished fact again.  May it be soon.

Your letter arrived on Sat Oct 19th.

From Your Loving & Aff Father

  1. J. Springett



Cover to Kriegsgefangenensendung,

British Prisoner of War 1006

No 205166 Rifleman Frank W. Springett,

16th K.R.R. Camp *

Friedrichsfeld near Wesel.


Postmarked 25 OC 18. Rest of stamp unreadable


One comment on “Letter to Frank Springett 25 October 1918

  1. Lionel Burgess says:

    Very sad, (Stephen) John Springett was unaware that his son had died before he wrote that letter. Ted was his brother Edward John, Winnie was his youngest sister Winifred May and Little Jim was his young brother James Arthur. An older brother, Walter Stephen Springett also fell in the Great War…. Stephen John Springett and his wife Eliza Ann raised 9 children in Tabor’s Cottages. The Cottages were demolished years ago, however, Stephen John and his son ‘Little Jim’, built a house on the site using the bricks from the demolished cottages. It was named ‘Steveanne’. The two Springett brothers, Frank and Walter, are commemorated on the Horsmonden War Memorial.

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