Letter to Miss Dillon 16 September 1918


Embossed Government notepaper with Coat of Arms.

c/o British Embassy


16th Sept 1918


My dearest Lillie,

I hope you are both flourishing. This has been a charming day- no heat – and I would feel kindly disposed towards everyone if only my pay would begin to come in.  I am due £100 in allowances alone from the Admiralty at the end of this month!  I am beginning to wonder if I shall ever get it, and I am sending out ultimatums and S.O.S. in all directions.  My Bankers have been very decent in allowing me to draw up to the amount of the pay I am legally entitled to get (exclusive of allowances) and they are doing their utmost to get the War Office to pay up the arrears of my salary.  My allowances should come from the Admiralty.  Of course it will be settled one day and then I ought to get a handful of money.

I left my Hotel about a fortnight ago and took a room near the Villa Borghese. I get my meals provided in my room.  The whole thing costs only 8 ½ lire a day.  That is very cheep for Rome.  Prices are shocking here now.  It did not matter to us as long as the lire was worth about 6d but whereas in May we used to get 45 lire for the £1, we now only get 30 lire for the £1, and the prices of commodities remains the same.  I am going to try to be transferred to the Military Mission soon, as the work should be more interesting, and there would not be so much difficulty about my pay &c.  my position at present is so anomalous, it is very difficult to get things settled, as the Admiralty have got to get the approval of the W.O. for everything, and it takes ages to get things done.  I am afraid this letter is very uninteresting, but I like to tell you how things stand.  Of course I am very happy and enjoying every moment of my stay in Rome.

Write soon please

Best love to you & Anna

from Willie



With cover in On His Majesty’s Service envelope postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE L.8 17 SP 18. Addressed to Miss de C. Dillon M.T. ASC No 1 Reserve Depot, Grove Park Lee London S.E. 12. Redirected to c/o Mrs Creagh, 3 Ormond Terrace, Dalkey Co Dublin Ireland.


Censor mark No 253 signed W. Dillon

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