Report on raid by 42nd Battalion night 11th/12th. 15 September 1918



OBJECT.-       To re-establish post in Q.34.b.  Zero hour 9.05.  Barrage well spaced, bursts low and reported very effective.  The 42nd Battalion succeeded in establishing posts at Q.34.d.05.95 and Q.34.b.20.40. and also a group of posts at Q.25.d.50.20.  These posts have cut off the post in Q.34.b. which was the object of the raid.  The Infantry were, however unable to get into the Brick Kiln owing to heavy machine gun fire.

During the operations the enemy put up numerous split greens and two Golden Sprays, retaliating fairly heavily on our front and in P.30., Q.25. and Q.36.

No further details are available to date.



sgd H. Webster Lieut

for Major

A/O.C. 9th Brigade C.F.A.

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