Alf Smith letter received 22 August 1918

With cover addressed to Mr. T. Smith, 100, Arcadian Gardens, Wood Green, London North England.  Postmark unreadable. London postmark 22 Aug 18.  Censor stamp 83.  Back endorsed Kriegsgefangenensendung Englischen Kriegsgefangenen Private Alfred A. Smith, 53rd Machine Gun Coy.  Nommer 27521.  Stammlager Friedrichsfeld.  Deutchschland.


Englischen Kriegsgefangenen

Private Alfred A. Smith

53rd Machine Gun Coy:

Nummer 27521

Stammlager Friedrichsfeld


June 9th 18


My Dear Father,

I think it is your turn for a letter this time; there is not very much news to tell you but still it is a very great pleasure to be able to write & I know you will be glad to hear from me.

Well Dad how are you all getting on I hope you are quite well & enjoying yourselves as much as possible.  What sort of garden have you got to your new house, I expect it is looking very nice now?  I am only longing for the time when I shall be home with you all again but you can bet it will not be yet although we do not hear any news now that there is nothing to do but wait so the best thing is to keep smiling what do you say?

What we are all longing for is to hear from home but I am hoping it will not be long now as we have been captured nearly three months.  No doubt when we receive the first letter they will come farely regular after that, also parcels which you may guess we are all very anxious for I believe the best way to send them is through the Red Cross Fund but I expect you have been able to find out by now as I am hoping there are some on the way.

The weather is grand & being Sunday I am enjoying myself cooking in the sun. I am glad to say I am quite well.  How is Jess, Ethel & Winnie please wish Ethel & Joy many happy returns of the 10th as I shall not be able to write again for about two weeks.

Have you been to Southend lately I hope Albert, Affie & Joy are in the best of health give them my love & tell them I am always thinking about them & are they quite comfortable in their new house it must be grand in the garden there now having tea on the lawn &c eh! But never mind we will make up for all these times later on what do you say.

Well I think I am nearly exhausted for news now. How is Ciss, Charley & Peter give them all my best love & tell them I hope to soon have some good times with them again have you been to stay with them lately don’t forget to enjoy yourself as much as you can & don’t worry as I am getting along very well all we want is letters & parcels & we shall be well away then.

Remember me to Miss Dimond, Darvills, & all other friends. We are waiting for diner to come up now.

Please write soon & tell me all the news. Have just had a jolly good feed of muscles & potatoes expect you would think it a funny Sunday’s dinner but it is a jolly fine feed after vegetable stews all the week should just like a good suet pudding now.  Well Cheerio.  Hoping you are in the best of health.

With much love from

Your devoted


P.S.      Please send plenty of cigarettes.

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