Letter from RAF to German Air-Force 20 August 1918

To:- The German Flying Corps.


Can you give us any information regarding the fate of :-

Lieut. C.F. Drabble and 2/Lieut (!on!) R.W. Rawley, missing on 13/8.1918 on machine Nr A. 7907.


Lieut T.E. Kearney and No. 121816 Sergt. H. Hammond missing on 14/8.1918 on machine Nr A. 7856.


Captain H.R. Gould and 2/Lieut (on!) E.W.F. Jinman, missing on 14/8.1918 on machine Nr. A 7902.


From: The British Royal Air Force.


In Manshinenschrift

Engl Fliegermeldung gefunden am 23/8.18 in den alten engl. Drahthindernissen vor Metz en Ponture.

In brown envelope marked On His Majesty’s Service, To German Flying Corps.   K.



English fliers found on 23/8/18 in the old English ***** for Metz en Ponture.


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