From June 1st 1918 – To June 30th 1918




1.6.18 to 16.6.18      Batteries carried on their usual training during this period.  On the 3rd June, the Brigade held Sports in a field near BAILLEUL-les-PERNES.  All events were keenly contested: the Headquarters winning the driving contest.  The 33rd Battery C.F.A. won the largest number of points in the total events.

On the 4th the Brigade moved to FLECHIN to carry on further manoeuvres in the BOMY AREA.  The Brigade remained in this area until the 11th instant.  A considerable number of successful manoeuvres were carried out in conjunction with the infantry.  Aeroplanes, cavalry and tanks co-operated with the Artillery and Infantry in these manoeuvres.


16.6.18 to 19.6.18    On the 16th instant the Brigade received orders from 5th D.A. (Imperials) under whose command we had been placed, to proceed to BOESEGHEM, which is just North of AIRE.  On the 17th instant the Brigade moved as per orders.  Brigade Headquarters and one section per Battery moved forward to the vicinity of LA MOTTE.  The Headquarters were located in a Chateau; the batteries occupying positions in the Forest of NIEPPE.

On the 18th the batteries registered and the remaining two sections of the batteries of the Brigade were ordered to remain at their wagon lines, the operation being postponed.  On the 19th the Brigade received orders to move to the Wagon Lines at BOESEGHEM.

On the morning of the 20th the Brigade moved, under orders of the 5th D.A. to QUIESTEDE, where it remained under G.H.Q. Reserve until the 25th instant.



20.6.18 to 25.6.18   On the 25th the Brigade moved under orders, to their old wagon lines at BOESEGHEM.  Hdqrs and the guns of the brigade moved into action during the afternoon, in their old positions.

CHATEAU D.30.c.90.60

26.6.18         Orders were received today for the operation in which we are supporting the Infantry of the 5th Division, which is to take place on the 28th instant.  Batteries re-registered and completed the drawing of their ammunition.


27.6.18          Batteries completed their registration during the day.  On the evening of this day the enemy shelled the vicinity of the Chateau with H.E. and a new H.E. gas shell which caused respirators to be worn off and on until after midnight.

Lieut M.H. McKay, 31st Btty and Lieut A.D. Mason, 33rd Battery were detailed to act as F.O.O. and Liaison Officer, respectively to the K.O.S.Bs.


28.6.18          The barrage opened at 6.00A.M. and within a few minutes afterwards, our F.O.O. and L.O. began sending in information of great value.  This information continued throughout the operation and was practically the only source through which the rear formations obtained any idea as to how the operation was proceeding.  About 9.00 A.M. all objectives were reached on our front.  Many of the enemy were killed and several officers and over 100 prisoners were taken.  Our casualties were light.  From shortly after the final objective was gained until after midnight our F.O.O. and L.O. sent through three S.O.S. calls to which the Batteries of the Brigade responded, some minutes ahead of the batteries on the front.


29.6.18          Visibility continues fair.  Several German “whiz-bang” batteries were reported by our L.O. firing within 1000 yards of his front line.  Several enemy low-flying aeroplanes observed during the day.


  • This morning at 3.30 an S.O.S. went up on our front to which our batteries immediately responded. No hostile infantry action followed. At 2.45 A.M. the batteries of the Brigade carried out a counter-barrage lasting until the S.O.S. was sent up.  During the morning the area about 1000 yards N.E. of the CHATEAU was very heavily shelled with 5.9s.  During the after(noon) the C.F.A. called at Bde Hdqrs to bid farewell to the Brigade and to compliment them very highly on our part in the operation.

Operational Orders were issued by the 5th D.A. for the Brigade to move to the Wagon Lines at BOESEGHEM tonight at 8.00 P.M.  On the following day the Brigade will march south to join the 3rd Canadian Division.



During the above operation at PLATE BEQUE the brigade had the following casualties:-

One killed.  13 wounded.



The following decorations have been awarded during the month:


Major L.V.M. Cosgrave                      45th Battery                 M. in D.

Lieut. E. Philpott                                33rd Battery                 M. in D.

Lieut. D.L. Teed                                 36th Battery                 Military Cross

Cpl. B.L. Broughton                           36th Battery                 D.C.M.

Cpl. Donnelly. C.H.                           45th Battery                 M. in D.

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