War Diary of 20 Siege Battery for June 1918


WAR DIARY of 20 Siege Battery for June 1918

Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


In the field



1st to 10th         Guns in same positions as at the end of May i.e. 3 guns at E.11.c.5.3 (Sheet 36B N.E.) & 3 guns at E.17.d.3.2 (36B N.E.).

Both sections almost entirely engaged on Counter Battery destructive shoots with aeroplane observation. 1200 rounds fired & 17 Ys obtained during ranging.

Battle casualties 1 OR.


R.G. Percival Lt.


O.C. 20 Siege Bty R.G.A.


20th                  LH.E.WELLS R.F.A. attd to Battery.

25th                  Lt. (A/CAPT) J.C. THOMPSON appointed to command & Lt. A. A. HANHART as second in command of Battery.

25th – 26th        ”CAMOU” Tactical Exercise by I Corps H.A.

27th                  Battery withdrawn to rest, handing over positions to 265 SB (9.2” Hows) 22 Bde R.G.A. & taking over their reserve positions near HOUCHIN.

Fairly *** month – C.B. destruction shoots & neutralisation in support of raids. Total rounds fired approx 4000, chiefly on Hostile Batteries in neighbourhood of LACOUTURE & VIELLE CHAPELLE, & on VIELLE CHAPELLE Bridge.



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