F. Springett letter April 1918

Somewhere in France


April 1918



My Dear Brother Sid,

Just a few lines at last hope they will find you in the best of health as it leaves me A1.

So sorry to hear that you have packed up at Gravesend still you know best about it.

I thought Helen a very decent girl, but I’m afraid they are all alike Sid. Ha Ha.

Hope you are still busy in the works. We are awfully busy as usual.  This is some war.

I hope you had a nice time at Easter “did you go home?”

What do the people in England think about this new German offensive, got the wind up a bit have they?

Yes that stuff Dad sent is very good for the little devils when I get on the job sometimes I think of a cartoon I saw once. “Is the battle over Mother?”  Ha Ha.

Dear Sid, don’t forget to write my address properly next time.  You left the Company out on the last envelope.

Well I haven’t got much to say as usual so I shall have to pack up, hope this short letter finds you A1.  “Cheerio.”

Best Love

Your Loving Brother


What about that photo, send one on please, if you have one.


With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent

Postmarked Field Post Office 5X + 20 AP 18. Passed by Censor 3 rest unreadable.

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