Report Alf Smith missing 28 April 1918

No R/64. 25418.                                                                     Army Form B 104-83


91 York St Westminster

28th April 1918


I regret to inform you that a report has been received from the War Office to the effect that (No) 142687 (Rank) Pte. (Name) A.A. Smith (Regiment) MACHINE GUN CORPS was posted as ‘missing’ on the 21.3.18.

The report that he is missing does not necessarily mean that he has been killed, as he may be a prisoner of war or temporarily separated from his regiment.

Official reports that men are prisoners of war take some time to reach this country, and if he has been captured by the enemy it is probable that unofficial news will reach you first. In that case I am to ask you to forward any letter received at once to this Office, and it will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Should any further official information be received it will be at once communicated to you.

I am,


Your obedient Servant

I Campbell Lieut.

For Officer in charge of Records


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