Letter home 15 March 1918






My dear old dad,




            I haven’t half neglected you lately have I, but I have had just nothing to tell you.




            There is a good old noise going on up the line.  The Boche has been chucking his weight about quite considerably, but he has been getting tit for tat all night, especially in the air.  Our fellows have been very successful lately – downing Hun planes right & left.




            I heard a good tale about Cambrai the other day.  A certain cavalry general was waiting anxiously for news from the front & for a long time none was forthcoming.  Suddenly a cloud of dust appeared & a horseman was seen galloping like mad down the road.  It was an Irish infantry soldier covered with mud & blood & sweat, hatless, & mounted on a cavalry horse & wielding an enormous cavalry sword.  The general stopped him & asked him what was going on in front “Be Jesus, yer honour” was the reply, “Oiv’e killed every —— Ulhan in the north of France.”  Not bad is it?




            Various parties of ministries &c are touring round the country but I haven’t seen anything of the railway party yet.  Perhaps they had a bellyful last time & are not too keen this time.




            I hope you have got rid of your cold & are feeling better now.  There seems to be a wave of sickness just here.  Three of our fellows are down with flu, & the Colonel is covered with boils & blanes.  I think we all want a dose of leave.  It is just on the cards that I may get in about a month’s time.  I am not building on it though.  I hope we shan’t have used up all the fine weather before I do get.  We are having topping weather just now.


            I hope mother is better.


            Very best love to all


                        Your loving son




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