F. Hammond letter 13March 1918



Dear F & M

Just a little note to let you know I am gogging along all merry and bright.  There is very little to report.  I had a letter from Jack the other day and am glad to hear he was practically himself again and no doubt back with his Battn again.  Evidently he was smuggled away in a village just across the hill from me at that time and was even visiting our Divl cinema show so you can see he can’t be so very malade.  The weather this month has been perfect and the birds have begun to sing their song first thing in the morning in fact everything is beginning to take a summer aspect.  How is Par getting along with his allotments.  Has he got anything below ground yet and does he find the tool house across the Road more amenable than of yore.  I suppose Gladys is very busy with her studies hope she will do well and keep her health suppose tennis will be all the go if the weather keeps like this.  Have they opened the Bowling Greens yet this year or are they making allotments of them.  How is Mar keeping hope she is looking after my dawg.  Fancy it will soon be Easter.  But don’t suppose there will be many Easter eggs going spare.  Still the weather is lovely and one wants little out here except a few francs in the pocket which I am glad to say I possess.  I think this is about all this journey.  Hoping you are all keeping merry & bright.

Cheerho Jack

F. Hammond

62210 RE

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