War Diary of 20 Siege Battery for February 1918

WAR DIARY of 20 Siege Battery for February 1918


Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information



10th                  No 276082 Sergt WILMER H. awarded Belgian CROIX DE GUERRE.

16th                  2 O.R wounded.

17th                  Major LGRFH BELL admitted Hospital sick.

24th                  Lt. H.L. PAUL, R.G.A. (T.F.) joined Battery from England

27th                  1 O.R. wounded.  Destruction shoot by 8” How (2 guns) in Forward Battery position.


1400 rounds fired during month in destructive shoots on Hostile Batteries. 7 OKs & 21 Y days ranging. Battery neutralised on several occasions. Battery positions as on Jany 1st

Officers throughout the month as in January, with addition of Lt. H.L. PAUL from 24th Feb


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