War Diary of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters for February 1918

WAR DIARY Of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters For February 1918



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


Fighting Strength 52 Offs  936 O.R.s


H.10.d. (Sheet 51c) 1/2/18 to 4/2/18             Battalion in Rest.  Brigade, Battalion & Coy training carried out, also training of Additional Specialists.

H.4.d                      5/2/18  11.20 am.           Brigade inspected by G.O.C. VI Corps.

5/2/18 to 7/2/18                                             Battalion and Company training carried out.

GOUY en ARTOIS   8/2/18 10.15 am.          Battn proceeded by march route to GOUY en ARTOIS, Q.13.c.

DURHAM CAMP 9/2/18 10.10 am.             Battn proceeded by march route to DURHAM CAMP S.11.a.

MORY L’ABBAYE 10/2/18 10.0 am.          Battn proceeded by march route to MORY L’ABBAYE B.22.a

11/2/18                           Battn relieved 21st Middlesex Regiment in front line running from U.21.a.75.10 to U.20.B.40.80.  Sheet 51b S.W.

B.21.d (Sheet 57c NW) 23/2/18 7. pm.         Battn relieved by 2/5th Sherwood Foresters and proceeded by march route to NORTH CAMP, MORY B.21.d.

24/2/18 to 25/2/18             Battn on Working Parties.

Sheet 51 B SW     26/2/18  5.45 pm.              Letters A & C Coys proceeded to Railway Reserve (24.d.7.5) to construct accommodation for Reserve Bn. in Brigade Sector.

28/2/18 6.0.pm.                 Battn H.Q. & Letters B & D Coys proceeded to 25.b.3.4


Fighting Strength   53 Offs   883 O.R.s.


All entries countersigned K.F. Bunting

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