F. Hammond letter 28 February 1918



Dear F & M

Just a line or two to say I am jogging along merry and bright and thanks to Par’s quick response I am in a flourishing condition once more.  We have been having a very nice time after a rather rough wintry spell and I feel in the pink.  Some of George’s lot passed thro our village a few days ago and I found they were only about 2 villages away.  So the next day I got leave to visit him and set off over the hills on a cycle full of excitement in the hopes of seeing him.  Eventually I arrived at my destination wet with drizzle but as it was just noon I dropped into an estaminet and took of a little liquid refreshment before digging him out.  Well I landed at the Orderly Room and found to my dismay the bounder had been admitted to hospital the day before suffering from a cold or chill.  So you can tell how I felt after my exertions.  It would seem destined that we should not meet out here still I will have another try before long if I get a chance.  Anyway I searched round to see if I could find anyone I knew and ultimately spent the day with Charlie Higgins.  So I was a little recompensed for my trouble.  I spent a nice time with him.  He was quite surprised to see me in fact he couldn’t recognise me for some time.  As you know I have lost a lot of surplus weight these last 3 years.  He looked quite an old sweat and keeps his buttons bright & shiny.  Well how are you all going along hope you are keeping well.  The spring is showing signs round here and the weather has been delightful.  Well I think this is all at present remember me to all enquiring friends.  Yes I thanked the Mr Taborites.  Well cheerho


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