Letter to father 26 February 1918



Dear old dad,


I am downright sorry to hear you have been seedy.  Do take care of yourself.  I hope you are all right again now.  The first news of it came from Tutbury.


Many thanks for your letter dad & the enclosures. One was a bill & the other was a letter from old “John” Doc in America.  It was good to hear from him.  He was serving out here for a time then went home to a job.


Apparently when America came into the war he joined the army again.  But his father had a stroke of paralysis & left his mother penniless.  So Doc was honourably discharged, & has got a berth with a firm of attorneys in Wisconsin.  He says he will be in at the death though, & if any one will look after 2 invalids for him he will come now.  He was a good fellow.  Doc, & I should like to see him again some time.


It was diplomatic of you to get a word in with the Chairman dad. I shall have to rely on now to get me a job somehow & somewhere, but it doesn’t look as though I shall be wanting it yet awhile – worse luck.


I hope you enjoyed your trip up North & that it has set you up again. Where did you get to?


I hope all is well at home.

Very best love to all.

Your loving son


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