War Diary of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters for December 1917

WAR DIARY Of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters For December 1917



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


1/12/17                                                            Fighting Strength  Officers  32

Other Ranks  806

LA VACQUERIE 1.12.17  1.am.     Attached 20th Division in Hindenburg Line R.10.d. and R.16.b.

R.16                                                    Battalion in Reserve to 11th Bn K.R.R.

(Special Sheet)                                    The 12th Division who were holding front line on our right were heavily attacked about 3 pm.

57C N.E., S.E. and 57b N.W., S.W.  Some of this Division fell back to Sunken Road R.16.b.6.2. (our right flank).  Half of our right flank Company moved to Sunken Road R.16.b.3.2. facing South to form a defensive flank.  This position was untenable and the half company were moved to trench at R.16.a.5.0.  One platoon of our Reserve Company moved to trench at R.10.c.7.5.

On our left front enemy made bombing attacks up C.T.s and succeeded in driving back a portion of the front line. We sent up 1 Platoon to reinforce, but owing to absence of bombs it was unable to drive enemy back.

One Platoon of Left Company moved forward to assist in checking enemy’s advance. One Platoon from Reserve Company replaced the Platoon.

2.12.17                                   Heavily bombarded in early morning.  Enemy attacked in the afternoon on our right flank and caused front line to fall back to Sunken Road at R.16.b.6.2. and trench occupied by our Battalion at R.16.b.3.2.  Our Lewis Guns and rifle fire held up his attack at this point.  On our left front the enemy made attempts to bomb up C.T.s and succeeded in getting into the trench.  Remaining platoon of Reserve Company was sent forward and took up a position in the Sunken Road at R.10.d.3.8. and R.10.d.3.6. to cover any attempt of the enemy to gain possession of Sunken Road R.10.d.1.8.



LA VACQUERIE  3/12/17  4.25 am.            Battalion relieved by 2/6 Warwicks.


10.pm.         Moved to MOLE trench in 31.a.10.3. near RIBECOURT.

4/12/17  10.30 am.                         Moved to trenches in Q.4 at TRESCAULT.

TRESCAULT 5/12/17 to 8/12/17      Battn in reserve at Q.4.

9/12.17  6.pm.         Battn moved up to FLESQUIRES.

FLESQUIRES 10/12/17 1.30 am.      Relieved 2/5 Lincs in front line K.18.a.& b. (MOEUVRES (Special Sheet) )

11/12/17 to 13/12/17          Battn occupied front line in K.18.a. & b. (MOEUVRES Special sheet)

14/12/17  2 am.   Relieved by 2/5 South Staffs.

FLESQUIRES 14/12/17 to 16/12/17 Battn occupied Reserve line in K.24.a. (MOEUVRES Special sheet).

17/12/17  8.pm.                               Battn relieved by 2/5th Lincolns.  Marched to BERTINCOURT.  Battn billeted.

BERTINCOURT 18/12/17 to 20/12/17         Company Training.

ROCQUINY 21/12/17                       Battn marched to ROQUINY.  Billeted in huts for the night.

BEAULENCOURT 22/12/17            Battn marched to BEAULINCOURT.  Billeted in huts.

23/12/17              Battn Training.

24/12/17              Battn Training.

25/12/17              Battn marched to BAPAUME.  Entrained at BAPAUME, detrained at HOUVIN.

Marched to MAGNICOURT.

MAGNICOURT     26/12/17 to 31/12/17      Battn & Company training.

Fighting Strength Officers  27

Other Ranks 729.

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