Alf Smith’s letter 1 January 1918

Jan 1st 18


My Dear Father


Just a few lines to wish you all a very happy New Year; & I hope it will be brighter than the past I fancy it will be as I think the end of this war is not far off now.

Thank you for letter, the card was from the Matron of the hospital where I was at Cumberland I can bet I should not mind being there now under the same conditions.  What sort of weather are you getting have had plenty of snow here.

Well how did you enjoy your Xmas we had a jolly fine time under the circumstances the worst part was the cold & we could not have any fires being in barns I will give you a short account of the feast &c.  breakfast 8 A.M. ham jam (not chicken) bread & butter & S.Ms tea (or extra sweet) Dinner, roast beef, potatoes cabbage, Xmas pudding & custard, apples nuts & raisins.  Tea bread, butter jam, cake, cheese & tin fruit.  We ended up with a fine concert plenty of beer, cigarettes & cigars, & sandwiches for supper.  We had a jolly good time.

I think we are paying for it now 5 & sometimes 8 in a loaf of bread a day & no money have not paid out for over a fortnight.  There was a fine cinema at the village where we have just left but I could not go being stony.  I had two good feeds of fried eggs.  We are not in any inhabited parts now there are several canteens about where you can buy cigarettes, biscuits, & tin food it helps to fill.  I think we are here for about a month.  One good thing we are in huts now so we can have a jolly good fire.

Please thank Ethel & Winnie for their cards.  I had a card from Nell I hope you enjoyed yourself with them also with Ciss.

Cannot think of any more news to tell you.  Glad to say I am A1.  I hope you are all in the best of health.

Wishing you all again a very happy New Year.  Au revoir.

Your devoted



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