F Springett letter 23 November 1917

56153 Rfln F.W. Springett

A Company 3rd Platoon

51st G. Battn Kings Royal Rifles




Nov 23rd 1917


My Dear Brother Sid,

Just a few lines in answer to your welcome letter received today, so pleased to hear that you were quite well, as it leaves me very well at present, except for a bit of a cold.

Very pleased to hear that you still have plenty of work, also that you are having a good time. The weather is rather cold down here but we don’t get much rain, that’s one thing.

I see we have another moon now. I expect the Germans will soon be over again to have another try to frighten us.  “Ha Ha”.

We have to get up and go down the cellars but Frank doesn’t stop there long.  I generally manage to crawl back upstairs and get in bed.  One night some of us were caught “my word” you should have heard the Officer crack on.  Ha Ha.

I heard from Dad the other day and he told me what he was giving Mother for her birthday of course with your help and Ted’s.

I think that’s a jolly good present for her.  Well she is well worth all she gets, “what do you say?”  I had a letter from Ted the other day.

The old Colonel is getting awfully strict, now we are in a regiment he’s properly put the wind up the troops this week.  Ha Ha.

One chap for swearing at a L/Corporal got 20 day’s pay stopped and 20 day’s pay stopped and 20 day’s C.B. this is some life. Ha Ha.  I have been awfully lucky I have never been up for orders yet, a jolly good record eh?

Things are a bit hopeful again, that’s a jolly good victory for us out in France this week.

Well, Sid I haven’t any more news this time, so will pack up.

You ask me if there is anything I want, which I am sure is very kind of you, of course another note would be very acceptable indeed.

Well Sid, I thank you very much for what you are doing for me, and hope to repay you some day.

Hoping this letter finds you quite well. I will close

With Best Love

I remain

Your Affec Brother Frank


With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent

Postmarked Margate 9.45PM 23 No 17

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