F Hammond letter 23 November 1917



Dear Berth

Glad to receive Par’s letter today and to hear you are all keeping well.  I am having a nice quiet time at present just about half a dozen of us staying at a chateau.  It’s tres bien but rather expensive as they have a rather good wine cellar.  Sorry to have disappointed Mar but I am only 8th on the list for Leave which under present rate of leave I should be away in 2 or 3 weeks.  When I wrote saying I should be home ere this unexpected events happened still we have been having a rather quiet time lately and I have the anticipation which is next to realisation with a possible chance of Xmas or getting it at the same time as Geo.  So I am quite merry & bright.  No I haven’t heard from Geo Hand for a considerable time.  I don’t know whether he was in the Paschendale do but they have had some hard fighting round that part.  Still I should think he is OK somewhere in France.  So Byers turned up again.  He seems a decent fellow but I shouldn’t feel like visiting people during war time in civilian clothes after all this time if he had any sympathy for the British Empire.  I suppose his idea is I am alright and doing well and that’s all that interests me.  It’s alright but I haven’t much time for him at present anyway.  Glad to hear Par will be able to take things easier I suppose he’s a very hot man on gardening by now and is looked upon as an authority on gardening.

Yes I could just go some pickled cabbage and hot pot with a pint of the best.  We had our photograph taken here yday so will be sending you one if they turn out OK.  I hope Gladys does well again & doesn’t overdo herself she ought to take a days golfing if she gets the chance.  It’s a very fine time & such an interesting pastime.  I’m glad to hear the boys are waiting to see me.  I had a letter from Jack the other day I often drop him a line so I will enclose his letter.  You see how he’s got his eye on the pickles.  Isn’t he a lucky fellow he’ll be all stars & stripes before this game is over.  Well I think this is all this time.  Hoping to be seeing you all before long.  So Cheerho dear souls


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