Addendum & Amendment No 1 to OO 116 12 October 1917

No 5





Lieut.-Colonel W.R.A. DAWSON, D.S.O., Commdg. 6th (S) Battn.

The Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)

12th October 1917


Para: 4.            (a).  For Zero minus 6 hours read “Zero minus 8 hours.”


Para: 6.            (h).  For “Evacuation will be covered by snipers and Lewis Guns situated in selected shell holes in No-Man’s-Land” read “Evacuation will be covered by one Lewis Gun with two pairs of snipers situated in shell holes about O.8.d.30.75 and one Lewis Gun and two pairs of snipers on Right Flank in shell holes about O.8.d/20.10.


Para: 18.          In order to indicate to wounded men the direction of our line O.C. Front Battalion will arrange to send up three Red Lights in rapid succession at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. on “Z” day from Sap 3.  These signals will be explained to all ranks taking part in the Raid.


Para: 19.          Four Stretcher Bearers with two stretchers will accompany O.C. Raid.  Six Stretcher Bearers will await orders in British Front Line with their stretchers in shelter about O.8.b.40.35.

They will proceed to Front Line at “Z” minus 45 minutes with No 8 Party.


H.G. Dove

Captain and Adjutant

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