A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 10 October 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 10 October 1917




October 10th 1917




Your two letters have just reached me here – thank you so much for them. You have been most good in writing so much in spite of my long silence.


I am at Headquarters for a few days taking over the adjutant’s work for the time he is away. He is probably going on leave in a short while and I am to come up again.  There is no further move in his permanent departure yet but he may go any time.  I hope not: he is a very good fellow.


The weather is very bad here and I suppose it is so with you as well. It is very cold and rains most of the time.


There is no prospect of a move yet. I should rather like to see something of the real fighting.  They seem to be doing very well from all accounts.  The Boche don’t seem to know quite what to do.  Although the progress seems to be very slow we seem to get our objectives every time and kill plenty of the Hun.


I hope Winnie Sharpley enjoyed her week end with you. I am sure she did.  Had she recovered from the effects of entertaining so nicely the Colonel?  He gets on most peoples nerves most horribly.  He has been in a very bad temper the last few days.  I think he is at last getting fed up with the war.


How is Mrs Cross now? I was so sorry to hear that when you wrote on the 3rd she had a bad headache.  I hope she is better.  Please give her my love, and Mr Cross – & not forgetting Betsey too.


Thank you for the photo of Clare Murphy. I see that it is in the ‘Tattler’ too.  Yes she was the one I met at Murphy’s place.  She must be a very interesting individual.


And how goes Finchley? Have you been having any more riding?  I have not been out for three days.  I am living in a tumbledown farmhouse and my bed room is a cupola erection without one end.  However we manage to keep dry and there is a fire – at least in the evenings.  I get to bed about midnight and unfortunately I have to get up early to send off the reports for the previous twenty four hours.


How is the face now? I hope quite better and no more signs of it at all.


I have just been called off to turn on the batteries – the Boche has been making himself a nuisance again.

With all my love dearest

& many kisses

Ever your


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