G. Hammond letter 6 October 1917

YMCA headed notepaper
Canadian War Contingent

My Dear Gladys,
Your letter of 23/9/17 arrived some days ago and I was very pleased to receive same it did take a long time to write but the letter made up for that.
I am glad that Aunt and Uncle were able to get a holiday and I am very sorry to hear that the weather was so bad, over here it has been delightful until just recently and now well it is non bon.
Yes I expect that George and Fred were present at the recent advance we have made.
Yes we had a rough time last month but now we are now again out on rest.
Glad to hear that the allotment is still going strong . strange to say we too get beans in the shape of “pork and beans”. Say how many people had you to get to help pull up the swede and I am sorry to say that I must say good bye to the pickles as I am afraid both George and Fred will have their chance before me.
You must look fine with two black eyes and it isn’t surprising that you find it impossible to go and view the good things laid out.
About that war work you say “N-est-ce pas” I cannot define that exactly but think it means “Do I believe you?” or “Do you believe that?” why sure I do, I am confident that the whole show will fall flat.
Yes it is dark in the evenings now but it is wet and we will soon have Christmas here again Oh I wish they could finish La Guerre before than.
Well I must finish now as there is really no more to say. How are my Aunt and Uncle I hope they are well.
Well bye bye
Love to all
Yours George

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