37th Infantry Brigade Operation Order No 150 5 October 1917

SECRET                                                                                                          Copy No 6




Ref: MONCHY Trench Map

J Corps   T.S. 73.C.

October 5th 1917


  1. A Bombardment combined with a Raid will be carried out on “Z” day, about Octr. 12th , with a view to demolishing the enemy’s Front Trench System between CAMBRAI ROAD and the BOIS des AUBEPINES.


  1. (a) The bombardment will commence at Zero – 6 hours and will be continuous. The Artillery of the Corps is being reinforced – the total number of guns employed will be :-


Heavy Artillery


15” Howitzers………. 1

12” Howitzers………..3

9.2” Howitzers……   20

8”  Howitzers…   …..27

6”  Howitzers   ……..65

60 pdr. guns……    …17


Field Artillery


4.5” Howitzers……….28

18 pdrs……………… 74


  1. and R. Trench Mortars



6” Stokes Mortar………6

2” Trench Mortar……   12


(b) A practice barrage will be carried out by artillery covering this Bde. Front at 1 p.m. on “Z” day.

(c) Details of Artillery, M.G. and T.M. Barrages will be notified later.

(d) Three Sections of No. 3 Special Coy., R.E. are to place a Smoke and Thermite barrage on the enemy’s trenches for 500 yds on each flank of the raid.


  1. Immediately after the bombardment the 35th and 37th Bdes will carry out a Raid under a creeping barrage between BEETLE TRENCH inclusive and INFANTRY LANE.

The Raiding Parties will leave their trenches at ZERO and will form up under the barrage, ready to advance as soon as it lifts.


  1. At ZERO plus 4 minutes, under a barrage of Artillery, T.M.s and M.G.s, Raiding Parties consisting of 5 Officers and 200 O.R.s of the 6th Queen’s and 5 Officers and 200 O.R.s of the 6thW. Kent Regt., with Raiding Parties of the 35th Inf. Bde. on the left will enter the enemy’s trenches at selected points with a view to :-

(i)                 Killing the enemy

(ii)               Obtaining identification.

(iii)             Destroying dug-outs, M.G.’s and T.M. Emplacements etc.

and withdrawing to our own lines at a time which will be notified later.


  1. The Raid by 37th Bde. will be carried out with the 6th Queen’s on the Right, and 6th R.W. Kent Regt., on the Left.

Each Battalion will furnish 4 parties of 1 Officer and 50 O.R.s ; the four parties of each Battalion will be commanded by a Captain.


  1. In accordance with the above paragraphs , the following are shown on attached map marked “A”:-

(i)                 Brigade Boundaries.

(ii)               Boundary between Battalions.

(iii)             Forming up places of Raiding Parties.

(iv)             Areas to be raided by parties; parties are numbered one to eight, from right to left.

(v)               Gaps to be cut in enemy’s wire.


  1. Details as to action of Lewis Guns, to be found by Officer Commanding Front Line Battalion, and snipers, to be detailed by Officer Commanding 37th Sniping Coy., to cover the withdrawal of the Raiding Parties, will be issued later.
  2. (a) The Raiding Parties prior to the Raid, will be accommodated as follows:-

6th Queen’s Dug-out in KNIFE TRENCH. Three Southern Dug-outs in HOE SUPPORT TRENCH.

6th R.W. Kent Regt. Northern Dug-out in HOE SUPPORT. Three Dug-outs (1 unfinished) in SADDLE SUPPORT, S. of PICK AVENUE.

Raiding parties will occupy these Dug-outs before daylight on ”Z” day.


(b) On the occupation of the dug-outs in the SUPPORT LINE by the Raiding Parties, the following moves will take place;-

Front Line Bn.  will occupy dug-outs in SPADE TR., leaving a light garrison in the Front Line, and Sentry posts in SUPPORT LINE.

Support Line Bn. Will move 2 Companies from SPADE TRENCH to LES FOSSES FARM and SURREY CAVE.


(c) At ZERO -6 ½ hours

The O.C. Front Bn. will arrange to clear Saps and Front Line with the exception of sentries in armoured sentry posts.


(d) At ZERO minus three-quarters of an hour the Raiding Parties will begin to move up to their assembly positions as follows:-

(i) 6th Queen’s via GORDON AVENUE and POMMEL ALLEY.

(ii) 6th R.W. Kent Regt., via New C.T. to be constructed South of TITES COPSE, from O.8/3 to SADDLE SUPPORT.

(e) Raiding Parties on their return will occupy dug-outs in SUPPORT LINE, where they will remain until conditions are normal.

(f) The Front Line will be re-occupied by its permanent garrison as soon as possible after ZERO, the remainder of the original troops in the line returning to their normal positions as soon as the Raiders have vacated the Support Line.


  1. C., 87th Field Co., R.E. will detail parties of R.E. to accompany the raiders for demolition purposes. Numbers will be notified later.


  1. The O.C., Front Battalion will arrange to have gaps made in our own wire during the night previous to ”Z” day, at points opposite the assembly places of Raiding Parties.


  1. Raiding Parties will be equipped with rifle, bayonet, 50 rounds S.A.A. and 2 No. 23 Mills bombs. Any article likely to afford an identification will be removed. A strip of 4” x 2” flannel will be tied on both shoulder straps of the men taking part in the Raid.


  1. Prisoners will be handed over to O.C. Front Battalion, who will arrange to escort them direct to Bde. H.Q., from which place they will be forwarded to Water Point at MAISON ROUGE.


  1. Any special medical arrangements will be notified later.


  1. The signal between Units will be helmet raised on a bayonet.

The Divisional pass-word will be ”WHISKEY”.


  1. “Z” day, ZERO hour, and arrangements for synchronisation of watches will be notified later.



Signature unreadable


a/Brigade Major

37th Infantry Brigade

Issued thro’ Signals at   p.m.


Copy No 1 & 2 6th Queen’s.                          14 C.R.A/ 12th Div.

3      6th Buffs.                              15 36th Field Ambulance.

4 7th E. Surrey R.                      16 35th Inf. Bde.

5    6th R.W. Kent Regt.               17 36th Inf. Bde.

6    6th R.W. Kent Regt.               18 154th Inf. Bde.

7    37th M.G. Company.              19 Staff Captain.

8    37th T.M. Battery.                 20 Bde Signal Officer.

9    37th Sniping Coy.                  21 O.O. File.

10 62nd Bde. R.F.A.                   22 War Diary.

11 87th Field Coy. R.E.

12 5th Northants (Pioneers)

13 H.Q. 12th Division ”G”

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