War Diary of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters for September 1917

WAR DIARY of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters for September 1917


Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information

  1. of WINNEZEELE 1.9.17 to 19.9.17 Fighting Strength

J.2.b.8.8.                                                                                  Officers  18.  O.R.s 816

(Sheet 27)                                                        Training in accordance with Fifth Army letter S.G. 840/7 dated 24.8.17.

FORGE                     20.9.17 to 22.9.17       Marched from J.2.b.8.8. to L.7.d.5.3. and arrived there at 12 Noon.  The Battn was L.7.d.6.3.  (Sheet 27)                                      billeted, and Coy Training was carried out.

VLAMETRINGHE   23.9.17 & 24.9.17       Marched to H.11.b.8.3 and arrived in a Temporary Camp for the night.

H.11.b.8.3.                                                      Practice attack which was carried out at 5.50 am Sep 26th.

(Sheet 28)                   24.9.17 10 am to 12 Noon      Battn marched to Trenches.   Fighting Strength 21 Officers 609 Other Ranks.   A training nucleus of 5 Offrs and 108 Other Ranks were left behind at the Q.M. Stores.  Relieved 2/5th South Staffs in front line running from

10 pm.             GRAVENSTAFEL ROAD (D.13.d.80.85.) to DOWNING TRENCH (D.14.c.35.40.)

25.9.17 6 pm. To 6.30 Artillery practiced barrage for operations on the 26th. Battn fairly heavily shelled.  2 O.R.s wounded.

Taped Kicking off positions

26.9.17 5.50 am.        After heavy Artillery Barrage Battn left its kicking off positions, with 2/7th S.F. on the left and the 177 Bde on the right.

The objective which was from D.14.d.3.6 inclusive to GRAFENSTAFEL ROAD (exclusive) was reached about 7.30 am.  A number of prisoners were taken.

The enemy shelled our positions during the day.

27.9.17 8 pm.             Shelled heavily during the day.

Relieved the 2/5th Bn S.F. in the front line who had held the 2nd objective.

29.7.17 9 pm.             Battn relieved by the Anzacs and took up position in the old British Front Line in the rear of WIELTJE.

Total Casualties 11 Officers  220 O.R.s


Cdg. 2/6th Bn Sherwood Foresters.


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