64TH INF. BDE O.O. NO 143. 1 October 1917

Pp 56-58.


Copy No. 2

64TH INF. BDE O.O. NO 143.

Ref Maps 1:10,000 S





Oct 1st 1917


  1. (a). The Second Army will attack on a day to be notified later against the high ground REUTEL – NOORDENDHOEK – MOLENAALELSTHOEK – NIEUWE MOLEN.

(b). The 5th Division will attack on the right of the 21st Division – objective the line J.21.d.65.95 – J.16.d.8.6. – J.17.a.2.2. – J.11.c.55.05.

(c). The 7th Division will attack on the left of the 21st Division – objective, the line J.12.a.1.5. – J.6.c.35.20. – J.5.b.7.0. – J.5.b.30.15.

The names of the actual units on flanks of the Brigade will be notified later.


  1. The objective of the 21st Division is the line J.11.c.55.05 – J.11.d.2.3. – J.11.d.65.75. – J.11.b.95.15. – J.12.a.1.5.

The duty of the 21st Division is to form a defensive flank facing South, South-East and East with a view to protecting the Southern flank of the attacking troops on the North, and obtaining observations of the REUTELBEEK Valley and the spur running S.E. to BECELAERE.


  1. The 64th Inf. Bde. on the right and the 62nd Inf. Bde. on the left will carry out the attack. The 110th Inf. Bde. will be in Divisional Reserve.


  1. Brigade boundaries will be as follows:-

Southern.  J.16.b.1.9. (approx) – J.11.c.55.05.

Northern.  J.10.d.2.5. – J.11.c.40.55 – J.11.d.2.7. – J.11.d.65.75.


5.As soon as the final objective has been reached:-

(a). Posts will be pushed out to obtain the necessary observations.

(b). The final objective will be consolidated as a front line.

(c). REUTEL Village, the block-house on the line J.11.d.1.3 to J.11.d.20.68 and thence N.N.E. to about J.11.b.5.4. will be consolidated as a support line.  (see air photographs).

(d). In the event of the attack on the second objective being successful, the S.P. at J.11.c.6.3. – J.11.c.6.7. – JUDGE Trench to J.11.a.85.10. and thence due North to boundary will be consolidated as a reserve line.

Should the Second Objective or the attack of the 5th Division on our right be unsuccessful, the line J.11.c.2.5. – JUDGE Trench and thence as above will be consolidated.

  1. The objectives for the Brigade are as follows:-

1st Objective. – The line of the road J.11.c.55.05. TO J.11.c.63.57.

2nd Objective. – The line J.11.c.35.55. – J.11.d.2.3. – J.11.d.65.75.

  1. The Brigade will attack as follows:-


(a). The 9th K.O.Y.L.I. will attack and capture the first objective.


(b). The 15th Durh. L.I. will go through the 9th K.O.Y.L.I. and attack and capture the second objective.


(c). The 10th K.O.Y.L.I. less 1 company will be in support.  One company will be attached to 15th Durh L.I. and move under orders from O.C. 15th Durh L.I.


(d). The 1st E. York R. will be in reserve. Altered night of 3/4 Oct.


(e) The 64th M.G. Coy will detail four guns for the following objectives:-

Two guns will go to J.11.d.4.6. (approx) and two will go to J.11.c.9.2. (approx). The officer in charge will be with O.C. 15th Durh L.I. and will not move forward until news has been received that the objective has been taken.  The location of the guns will not be altered, unless, on arrival in the area, better tactical positions can be found to cover our new front.


(f). The 64th T.M. Bty will detail four guns to be attached to the 9th K.O.Y.L.I.  These guns will move forward as soon as the first objective is taken.  A percentage of VARLEY Bombs will be carried.  Ammunition is to be husbanded and no rounds are to be fired until definite objectives which are holding up the advance are located.  The special task for these guns is to be prepared to deal with the strong points at West end of REUTEL and prevent Germans here interfering with the advance of 15th Durh L.I.  These strong points will not be under artillery fire after the first objective is taken.


  1. Units will move as follows at Zero:-

(a). 9th K.O.Y.L.I. will advance to first objective.

(b). The 15th Durh. L.I. will follow close behind the 9th K.O.Y.L.I. and form up East of the POLYGONEBEEK and as close as possible to line of first objective, ready to advance to the assault of the second objective.

(c). 10th K.O.Y.L.I. less 1 Coy will remain in assembly position until it is ascertained that the first objective is captured.  As soon as this is known, two companies will go forward, cross the POLYGONEBEEK, and dig in facing S.E. along line of road in J.10.d.9.4. and J.11.c.3.5.  An officer with two orderlies from each of these two companies will proceed to advanced H.Q. of 9th K.O.Y.L.I. and 15th Durh L.I. respectively.  The above is not to prevent O.C. 10th K.O.Y.L.I. moving his battalion to a safer position forward if it is found that hostile barrage comes down on his assembly position.  These two companies will be available either separately or together if necessary, to support either of the above battalions.  The above orders are in no way to check the O.C. these two companies immediately moving forward on his own initiative to support the front line if it is counter-attacked.  If the two companies, (or one of them) move forward. O.C. 10th K.O.Y.L.I. will immediately go forward with his reserve company and occupy the position on East of the POLYGONEBEEK vacated by these companies.  If he does this, Bde H.Q. and O.C. 1st E. York R. will be immediately informed, and O.C. 1st E. York R. will send a company to occupy our original front line.

(d). 1st E. York R. will remain in its assembly position.  An officer with orderlies is to be at H.Q. 10th K.O.Y.L.I. to keep in touch with the situation.


  1. Each assaulting battalion will be responsible for guarding its own flanks.


  1. All ranks must be thoroughly impressed with the importance of assisting any unit held up in the advance. X


  1. Each battalion will detail two men to search dug-outs in the captured territory. These men will wear “INTELLIGENCE” brassards. Orders re sending back documents have already been issued.                                     D


  1. Bayonets are to be fixed a few minutes before Zero. Care is to be taken that they are fixed quietly and do not glitter in the moonlight. X


  1. The compass bearing of their objective must be known by all officers. It is of utmost importance that proper direction is maintained. X.


  1. O.C. units will ensure that:-

(a). No officers or men take into action any maps showing our trenches or dispositions or letters or clues to identification except identity discs.

(b). That all ranks know that the word “RETIRE” is never used and if heard will on no account be acted upon.                                                   X


  1. Tanks will co-operate in the attack on second objective and their programme will be issued later. Infantry will, however, in no way depend on action of Tanks.

Tanks will carry S.A.A. which will be thrown out, if Tank gets stopped.     X.


  1. Situation reports must be sent regularly each half hour to Bde. H.Q. and whenever anything of special importance occurs.


  1. Positions of dumps will be notified later.


  1. Commanding Officers must ensure that their men get food and hot tea before attack commences.


19.Great coats of 9th K.O.Y.L.I. and 15th Durh L.I. will be tied in bundles and left at positions occupied before assembly.  Men must be warned not to leave any of their private property in the coat pockets.

Great coats of 10th K.O.Y.L.I. and 1st E. York R. are to be tied in bundles and left at battalion transport lines and will be brought up later if required.  No private property to be packed in the coats.

Great coats will be worn “en banderole”.                                                       X


  1. Hour of Zero will be notified later.


  1. Watches of 9th K.O.Y.L.I. and 15th Durh L.I. will be synchronised by telephone at 12 midnight 3rd/4th October.

The 10th K.O.Y.L.I. and 1st E. York. R. will each send an officer to Bde. H.Q. on their way to their assembly position to synchronise watches.


  1. The following will be carried by all battalions:-

(a). The unexpired portion of Z day’s and Z + 1 day’s rations.

(b). So far as issue permits every man exclusive of rifle grenadiers will carry one rodded Mills (No 23) or other kind of bomb, and two blank cartridges.  These grenades will be considered as a reserve for the rifle grenadiers, or if the situation demands it can be used as a bomb.

(c). With the exception of companies named below, every man will carry 170 rounds S.A.A.

The two leading companies of 9th K.O.Y.L.I. will carry 120 rounds only.

(d). 250 shovels will be carried per battalion. These will be carried down the men’s backs.                                                                                                            X

(e). Each man will carry 4 sand bags.                                                             X


  1. Instructions as to the lighting of flares by front line troops will be issued later. All ranks are to be made to understand the extreme importance of lighting these flares.
  2. Slightly wounded officers and men will remain with their battalion and “carry on”. It is forbidden to assist wounded men back to our lines. This order is to be made known to all ranks.


  1. The following Appendices are attached or will be forwarded later:-

Appendix “A”             Artillery arrangements.

“        “B”                        Administrative arrangements.

“        “C”                        Signalling arrangements.

“          “D”           Medical arrangements.

“          “E”           Machine Gun arrangements.

“          “F”            Employment of R.E. and Pioneers.

“         “Z”           Moves to assembly positions.


  1. Bde. H.Q. will open in the crater at J.13.c.65.10. at 6 p.m. Oct 2nd.
  2. Acknowledge.

A.F. Macdougall


Bde. Major, 64th Inf. Bde.

Issued at 10 p.m. to:-

Signals.                                    Copy No. 1.

1st E. York. R.                         Copies Nos 2 – 6.

9th K.O.Y.L.I.                            “         “   7 – 11

10th K.O.Y.L.I.                          “         “   12 – 16

15Durh. L.I.                                “         “   17 – 21

64th M.G. Coy                            “         “   22 – 23

64th T.M. Bty.                         Copy No. 24.

21st Division.                              “       “  25.

62nd Inf. Bde.                            “       “  26.

110th Inf. Bde.                                       “       “  27.

Inf. Bde.                                       “       “  28.

126th F. Co. R.E.                        “       “  29.

14th N.F. (Pioneers)                    “       “  30.

No 1 Coy “A” Bn. Tanks.          “       “  31.

War Diary etc.                         Copies Nos 32 – 40.

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