G Hammond letter 1 July 1917




My Dear Gladys,


Cheer Oh!  I am well to time this week.  The date is a bit wrong though for it has just turned 12.  Sorry my letter card or F.P.C. was delayed so long last week old girl but this OC Coy is just about enough to keep me busy.  So Hilda has been making tray cloths for Ma.  Awfully clever girl really nice walker too as Pa would say.  How’s the plot now I am feeling ***** **** lately **** can’t quite get Ma’s quality.  We are spending a few weeks at the sea side at present having left our dug outs for beautifully clean billets with beds & white sheets.  I am beginning to go brown with sea bathing. Douglas is out of the question I thought Ma would end up in landing Cheate Charley.  I suppose he looks quite a dog now when he is being called up manages to keep out of it alright.  Dolly will soon be quite the thing well its about time she did one thing or the other it amuses me to read the last few lines for we engaged men do patronize people a little bow wow.  How about that cake, if you don’t buck up I shall be home on leave or something and then it will be lost.  I am waiting to decide who makes the best Hilda or you and you must admit you are not in it at present.  I don’t believe you can make a cake, now I received your last letter this afternoon but am saving it until next Saturday so I can tell you all about it.  It is time all good boys were in bed.  I could just do with Ma singing “That *** black crow” tonight.  Perhaps she has forgotten it of course you will remember it.  I never knew such a girl for remembering things which happened when you were about 1.  I am sending you a cheque for £2 10/-.  10/- for the present to Dolly.  The other for you when you go to see Hilda.  She has rather a nice brother but go steady.  I smile to think of Pa’s question.  Sending a present on my own.  I might send a shell case of a 5.9 but as for buying presents here it is out of the question.  I might collect a few sea shells tomorrow.

Well how’s Ma keeping, not started keeping hens yet or had any more photos enlarged.  I suppose poor old Pa still has the same meek and mild existence.  I will back him up when this argument is over.  That is as long as I don’t start arguing with a 5.9 or a Minnie.  Now you don’t know what a Minnie is do you?  It’s a funny little thing which looks like one of those gallon ginger beer jars but it has some nasty powder in it that bangs when it hits the ground.  They are not at all nice because they make a nasty noise.  Well really Glad you will be telling me I should not sit up so late.  If you save anything out of the £2 have * in the car when you get home.

Sorry I was late in writing but it was this moving business.

Well bye bye for the present.  Let me know how you enjoy yourself at Liverpool.

Fondest love to all

Your affectionate bro.



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