F Hammond letter 1 July 1917



Dear F & M

Received Par’s letter today.  Glad to hear everything is going on OK.  I have been having a decent time lately managing to pay a visit occasionally in a fairly decent sized town where there is a nice Baths both private & open air swimming baths.  So Dolly H is going to be the first to make the high dive.  Can’t Bowlie do something to keep up the prestige of the Senior Lineage.  He’ll have to buck up.  I had a letter from Geo some time ago.  I believe he’s been within cycling distance for some time but think he’s moved too far away now.  Still we might meet before very long.  There is very little to write about at present just jogging along merry and bright.  Do you hear or see anything of the Donohues now.  Suppose Gladys is anxiously awaiting the result of her exam.  Hope she’s pleased with the result.  The vegetation round here is very flourishing should think before long potatoes will not be prized like the family heirlooms.  Wouldn’t mind sampling some of Par’s production in the “Greens” line when he has won the village prize?  Well I think this is all this time.  Hoping you are all OK.

Yours Burgus Secundus.

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