WAR DIARY Of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters from February 1917 – To April 1917

WAR DIARY Of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters from February 1917 – To April 1917



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information



25/2/17               Bn marches out of Camp.

26/2/17 FOVANT                  Bn entrains and proceeds to FOLKESTONE.

Crosses from FOLKESTONE to BOULOGNE.  Spends night in ST MARTIN Camp.

28/2/17 BOULOGNE            Entrain at BOULOGNE & proceeds to SALEUX (pres d’AMIENS) detraining there & marching to PONT DE METZ.  Night spent in Billets.

1/3/17 PONT DE METZ        Bn marches via AMIENS to GLISY.  Night spent in billets.

9.30 p.m    Bn marches via AMIENS to GLISY.  Night in billets.

2/3/17 GLISY                         Bn marches via VILLERS-BRETENNEAUX to WARFUSEE-ABNACOURT.  In billets.


3/3/17 WARFUSEE-ABNACOURT.           In Billets.

2.3.17 to 9.3.17                       In billets.

9.3.17                 12.30 pm     Bn marches to FOUCAUCORT.


9.3.17 to 15.3.17             Bn in billets.

16.3.17         7.15 pm.     Bn marches to BERNY. N.32.d.8.2 (Map Sheet 62C S.W.) and is attached to 176th Infy Bde, and takes up position in reserve line.

BERNY   16.3.17 to 19.3.17 In reserve line at BERNY.

19.3.17 9.0 am.      Bn marches to CIZANCOURT via MAZANCOURT and MISERY.

19.3.17 3.0 pm.     Two Companies cross river SOMME and take up positions in Notre Dame Trench (Map Sheet 62C S.W.) U.16.c.4.9. to U.16.a.3.9 and Sauterville Alley U.15.d.2.3 to U.16.c.4.9.

CIZANCOURT 20.3.17 6.0 pm.        One Company moves to Outpost position in FOURQUES as support to Cavalry.

22.3.17 9.0 am.  Outpost Company withdrawn.  Bn marches via VILLIERS-CARBONEL to P.C. NANGY on ESTREES-VILLIERS-CARBONEL Road.

P.C. NANGY 26.3.17 1.0 pm.           Bn marches to BRIE and occupies Bridgehead defences.  Bn. H.Q. at O.28.c. (Map Sheet 62C S.W.)

BRIE   27.3.17  2.0 pm.         Bn marches to VRAIGNES.  Bn. H.Q. at Q.19.b.7.3.5.

VRAIGNES 28.3.17 7.0 pm. Two Companies take up outpost position and dig in on line covering Q.4.a.6.1., K.33.d.5.1., Q.22.b.6.9.

29.3.17 7.0 pm. Two Companies out digging support trenches on line to posts at P22.b.9.9 and Q.17.c.4.5.

VRAIGNES 31.3.17 2.30 am.          Battn left for BERNES and occupied Quarry at Q.4.a.4.2.

BERNES         1/4/17 2.0 pm.            Battn launched attack from ridge Q.4 central and attacked in waves, came under heavy hostile shell fire but carried village of VENDLELES successfully.  Line pushed forward, and captured TEANCOURT.  10 Prisoners captured Battn then took up position from R.1.c.8.5. to R.1.d.2.5.

VENDELLES 1.4.17 11.30 pm.        Two Coys with Battn H.Q. were relieved and returned to BERNES.  Remaining two Coys went in support to 2/8th Bn. Sherwood Foresters in trenches R.1.d.2.5 to R.1.d.9.1, but rejoined Battn at BERNES at 1.0 noon 2.4.17.

BERNES         3.4.17 7.30 am.           A and B Coys went in support of 2/5th Sherwood Foresters to VENDELLES returning at 11.0 pm from same date.

BERNES         4.4.17 8.0 pm C and D Coys went to VENDELLES and dug posts along line from L.27.c.2.2. to L.33.b.2.1. returning at 1.0 am 5.5.17.

BERNES         6.4.17 9.0 pm Battalion marched to R.9.b.4.5. in support of 2/8th Sherwood Foresters who attacked enemy positions S.E. of LE VERCUIER.

HANCOURT  7.4.17 3.30 pm          Battn withdrawn to HANCOURT into billets.

HANCOURT 16.4.17 12.30 pm       Inspection of Battn by Major General C.F. Romer C.B. C.M.G. Comdg 59th Division.

HANCOURT   17.4.17 12.30 pm      Brig Gen F.W. Stansfield Comdg 178th Infantry Brigade presented Meritorious Service Cards to  Sgt W. Smith, Pte A. King and Pte Rillyald.

HANCOURT   19.4.17 2.0 pm         Battn marched to L.3.c.7.8. and took over the front line from 2/5th Lincolnshire Regt.

ROISEL          22.4.17          Battn was relieved by 2/7th Sherwood Foresters and marched to ROISEL in reserve.

ROISEL             27.4.17 1.0 am         Battn marched to HARGICOURT ROAD from L.11.b.0.5 to L.11.b.5.0. to deploy for an attack on QUARRIES and COLOGNE FARM (L.6.c.4.6.)

The attack was launched at 3.55 am and the QUARRIES were eventually captured and a line consolidated EAST of the QUARRIES from L.5.d.9.5. to L.11.b.9.9. Seven prisoners and 1 Machine Gun were captured.



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