Letter to Muriel 1 May 1917

Letter to Muriel 1 May 1917



May 1st 1917

Dearest mine,

Thank you so very much for your lovely letter of April 27th which has just arrived.  I am afraid mine of the 28th will not have arrived to-day.  Please forgive.  The fault of the delay in the post is nor in England.  It is this end.  The army postmen and the Field Post Office send on letters when they think they will and not otherwise.  Knowing you would not hear from me to-day I tried to send a wire but there is some beastly new procedure and ‘Signals’ refused to take it.  I should have had to send it into the censor at a town some way away and then send it by the French civilian telegraphs – and now it is too late.  So please forgive darling.


We are in the line again and working hard. It is quite like the Somme again – firing all day & night.  I spent the morning going round battery positions and in the afternoon at the O.Ps.

Today has been glorious, the weather is just perfect – a fitting day for your birthday. I wish I could have been with you.  Just think of the delight of having you alone in a punt somewhere on the Thames.  That is something to look forward to isn’t it?


How did the concert go off? I shall want to hear all about it in your next letter.

I am so sorry to hear about Mrs Lowe’s burst boiler. She must get it mended soon so that Mrs Cross can visit her.  It will do Mrs Cross a lot of good to have a change and a rest.


Thank you so much for the cigarettes you sent me. Now please young lady you must not send me any more cigarettes.  They are getting much too expensive and it will do me a lot of good to go without.  You have been much too kind and however nice it may be for me to receive them I think you ought to stop, don’t you?


How are you keeping? Fit and well I hope and enjoying this beautiful weather.  It is a pity isn’t it that in such weather we have to be out here trying to murder one another.  It is quite a July day to day and I got horribly hot and tired tramping round this morning in a tin hat and a box respirator hanging round my neck and field glasses on the other side.


How is Mrs Cross? I suppose Mr. Cross is still away up north and having a quiet time.


Have you been riding lately? I have given my horse a rest the last 3 days as she was very tired after that midnight journey.


Our new headquarters are not bad and the wagon lines are quite close only about 15 minutes walk away.

I must close now, darling, but I will try and write a proper letter to you tomorrow.

With all my love darling

And many kisses



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