Message from Army Corps Commander 25 April 1917

Message from Army Corps Commander 25 April 1917




The following letter has been received from the Army Corps Commander, and in publishing it, the G.O.C. wishes to add his appreciation of the splendid work done by all ranks.


G.O.C. 51st (Highland) Division.


I wish to express to the Division through you my congratulations on the splendid work which they have done in the recent fighting, especially on Monday 23rd April.


Though we failed to gain all we hoped to get, it must be remembered that the enemy put forth his utmost strength against us in artillery, machine guns and fresh highly-trained troops. In spite of this, we made substantial progress and inflicted heavy losses on him.


Had it not been for the fine fighting spirit of the Division, the result might easily have been disadvantageous to us. I am proud and delighted with the Division, as they may well be themselves with the grand fight they put up; and I know that when they are rested and re-organised they will be keen to add to their reputation.



Lieut General.


XVII Corps.

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