9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order No 65 25th April 1917

SECRET                                                                                 COPY NO.




Lieut. Col. H.G. Carscallen Comdg



INFORMATION       1. The Canadian Corps has been ordered to capture and consolidate the enemy position ARLEUX-EN-GOHELLE and FRESNOY to ACHEVILLE all inclusive.

The XIII Corps on our right will be attacking GRAVELLE and OPPY in conjunction with the above operation.

The attack of the Canadian Corps will be carried out by the 1st and 2nd Divisions and the approximate objective will be C.1.b.3.8 – U.25.a.9.6. – Crossroads U.13.c.4.2. – U.15.a.0.0. – T.18.central.  The 3rd Canadian Division will push forward their present line and join up with the left flank of the 2nd Canadian Division.

The 3rd Canadian Divisional Artillery and attached A.F.A. Brigades will co-operate by extending the rolling barrage of the 2nd Canadian Division on our right flank by placing a concentrated standing barrage on the German front system as far to the left as the top of the Ridge at T.11.a.1.9.  The remainder of the Divisional front to be lightly barraged.


BARRAGES              2. Barrage tables and sketches will be issued later.


PREPARATION        3. In preparation for the above operation the Group will:

(a). Increase their ammunition dumps at the guns to as nearly as possible 700 rounds per 18-pdr gun and 600 rounds per 4.5 how.

(b). Thoroughly register all guns as soon as possible.


TRIAL BARRAGE.  4. Trial barrages will be practiced by batteries on the 26/27th instant in accordance table attached.



  1. Watches will be synchronised with this office one hour before zero,

Zero hour 26th instant will be five a.m.

do   do   27th instant will be 12 noon


H.G. Carscallen

Lieut. Col


TO: All Batteries

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