Smith letter 23 April 1917

April 23rd 17


Dear Father


Just received your parcel & I thank you very much; you could not have sent a better assortment.  The biscuits are very nice, also cigarettes & you can bet I shall have some cake after tea to-day.

Think of me having a chatty parade now the little devils have been keeping me busy but their doom is sealed now it will be a case of hands up I take no prisoners.  I will let you know when I want some more.

We had another short march on Saturday sleeping in huts now the weather is much warmer so taking it all round I am quite cooshie. (cushy)

How do you get on for provisions &c do you have much trouble to buy them.  I suppose you deduct your 2 oz of bread &c daily.

I had a letter from Affie yesterday, she said the trams were lit up as usual again.  Are they the same in London it must look very strange quite dazzling I should think.

Have you seen the Darvills lately I hope they are well also Mr.  & Mrs. Warman & Lilian.

Well I must finish now.  Glad you are all in the best of health pleased to say I am feeling A.1.


With much love from

Your devoted



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