9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order No 59 4 April 1917

SECRET                                                                                 COPY NO.

REF: VIMY1/10,000




Operation Order No 59


Lieut. Col. H.G. Carscallen Commanding



INFORMATION       1.         On Z day the Canadian Corps will capture the VIMY Ridge.

The 3rd Canadian Division will attack with two Brigades, the 8th Brigade on the right and the 7th Brigade on the left, the 9th Brigade being in Divisional Reserve.  Each Brigade will attack with three Battalions, one Battalion being in Brigade Reserve.  The 2nd Canadian Division will attack on the right and the 4th Canadian Division on the Left of the 3rd Canadian Division.



Junction of SWISCHEN STELLUNG and PRINZ ARNOLF GRABEN (S.29.c.2.5.) thence along SWISCHEN STELLUNG to its junction with ARTILLERIE WEG to S.28.b.9.9. thence to Trench Junction S.22.d.9.2. thence to junction SWISCHEN STELLUNG and STAUBWASSER WEG (S.22.d.4.5 ½) thence along SWISCHEN STELLUNG to Hill 145, S.16.c.3.1. to Northern Boundary.

  • 2nd OBJECTIVE (Red Line)
  1. FIDDLE TRENCH from a point east of LILLE ROAD at S.29.d.7.3. to the road junction S.30.a.6.2. (to include German dugouts and Headquarters along the road from S.29.d.8.5. to S.30.a.6.2.) thence to consolidate a line of Strong Points within the LA FOLIE WOOD from road at S.29.b.9 ½.1. to S.22.b.7.3.
  2. The above line will be supported by a line of Supporting Points West of the Road running Northwest from S.29.d.8.8.
  • FAMINE and FICKLE trenches will be prepared as a second line of defence.


  • 3rd Objective (Blue Line)

The 8th Canadian Infantry Brigade only in conjunction with 2nd Canadian Division.

BOIS DE BONVAL (inclusive) to S.30. central, touch to be maintained by 3rd Canadian Division with 2nd Canadian Division and post established in the vicinity of S.30. central.


ARTILLERY             2. The 3rd C.D.A. and 63rd (RN) D.A. will support the attack of the 3rd Canadian Division, the 3rd C.D.A. covering the advance of the 8th C.I.B. and the 63rd D.A. the advance of the 7th C.I.B. in accordance with Barrage Table “A” and “B” and Maps “A” and “B” attached.

One 18-pdr battery from each Group will be detailed for standing barrages in advance of the rolling barrage up to Zero plus 75. These batteries will be considered as the superimposed batteries for their respective Groups in the rolling barrage.

At zero plus 75 all 18-pdrs will join the rolling barrage. 4.5 howitzer batteries will fire on selected points in rear of 18-pdr barrages in accordance with Barrage Table “B” and Map “B” attached.

The 43 Howitzer battery C.F.A. will be at the disposal of the Counter-Battery Group from Zero onwards and will not take part in the barrage.


Trench Mortars.           3. Trench Mortars will not take part in the barrages.  The M.T.M. tunnel emplacements in GRANGE and GOODMAN Subways will be handed over by Zero minus four hours to No 4 Special Coy. R.E. who will place a smoke barrage at Zero on the black Line.


LIAISON                   4. The O.Cs 33rd Battery and 36th Battery will detail the following Liaison Officers:-

Lieut. A.B. Manning to Hqrs Centre Battalion (2nd C.M.R.) S.28.c. ½. 3 ½

Lieut. H. Webster to Hqrs Left Battalion (4th C.M.R.) S.27.d.9 ½ .6.

All Liaison Officers will be at their posts at least two hours before Zero. They will remain with the Headquarters to which they are detailed and accompany them when they go forward.

F.O.Os                       5. Lieut. J.R. Jamieson, 33rd Battery, is detailed as Group F.O.O. and will go forward to obtain observation on the far side of VIMY RIDGE as early as possible.




  1. As soon as possible after the capture of the objectives the buried cable system is being extended forward from the exits of GRANGE and GOODMAN Subways. The extension from the forward exit of Goodman Subways will run to PRINZ ARNOLF GRABE Tunnel.

A central forward Divisional Visual Station will be established in Quarries S.27.a.8.5. which will be in telephonic communication with FORT GEORGE where a rear Visual Station will be established.  There will also be visual and telephonic communication from ALBANY and PATRICIA Craters (8th and 7th C.I.B. O.Ps respectively) in the Quarries. Capt. H.R. Hendy, 3rd C.D.A.C. will be the Artillery Officers at the Quarries Visual Station.



  1. Headquarters 3rd C.D.A. and 63rd D.A. will be at FORT GEORGE, F.6.c.5.5.


ZERO                         8. Zero hour, the date of Z day and arrangements for                                               synchronization will be communicated later.


NOTE: Barrage tables will be issued later.


H.G. Carscallen

Lieut. Col


Issued at 2.10 p.m.


TO: All Batteries

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